Revising telecom rules

A genuine complaint has been made to the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) about difficulties faced by people in J&K for obtaining mobile telephone connection. It will be reminded that owing to security reasons, the DoT has imposed certain conditions and framed some rules which are slightly different from the rules operating in other states.
We think that people understand the compulsions of the Government in being very strict in issuing permissions for mobile phones. But at the same time, we would not like the department or the police and other concerned authorities to be unnecessarily strict and non-responsive to genuine applications. For example, ten days is the minimum   period for the department to obtain police clearance on an application. Sometimes this clearance is not forthcoming for months at end. The need of the hour is that police verifications should be there but a mechanism has to be devised with the help of which the verification can come within two days. Even online verification should be possible and permissible. We cannot start with doubting everybody. Care is true but then there are mostly honourable persons who as good citizens know their responsibilities. Age, status, profession and connectivity are some of the factors that should help the police in clearing applications for mobile phones quickly. There is much sense in reducing the verification period with the police. Given the human nature, it is not surprising that to avoid delay in obtaining permission of new connection, customers will give some wrong or incorrect specifications in their application form. When something is banned, it is but natural that inquisitive human mind will try to resort to such means as would enable him to obtain what he stands in need of. Therefore, we would suggest the DoT and other agencies of telecom Department to bring about healthy reforms in the existing rules of issuance of a second or even the first mobile SIMs for further use.


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