Rever the Woman

Swami Ram Swarup Ji, Yogacharya

India has inherited a rich vedic cultural legacy from its glorious past. It is also a well-known fact that all Rishi-Munis, yogis of past and present love and accept vedas as their own soul. Kashyap Rishi after studying vedas continuously for 300 years, also expressed his evergreen views that the knowledge of vedas is infinite, endless, eternal and everlasting, having been emanated from Almighty God.
In previous Yugas, the Vedic knowledge was in vogue. That is why, woman always enjoyed high respect from society resulting in making family, society, nation strong and in this regard, how can we forget Ganga, mother of veteran warrior Bheeshma Pitamah, who made him learned warrior under the guidance of Parshuramji and in spiritualism under Brihaspatiji.
Now, the illusion has also made us to forget eternal views of Atharvaved wherein woman has been given great title of Brahma. Brahma (Almighty God) creates universe and woman titled as Brahma increases the family.
Vedas say that a family is constituted like a Yajyen wherein the woman is Brahma and who gives vedic advice to her husband, children and other family members to spend long, happy life, if she is provided with Vedic knowledge right from her childhood.
If we delve deep into our history, especially of vedic age, we discover various names like Sita, Ansuiya, Madalsa, Savitri, Bhamati, Katyayini, Lopamudra, King Janak’s head Acharya Bal Brahmacharini Gargi, Kunti etc. who were learned of vedas and through their devotion, dedication and deep knowledge of vedas enlightened the mankind. Devta (learned of vedas) always experience divine pleasure and give blessings to those houses wherein women are given full respect.
A child, male or female, owes much to one’s mother, because she is the one who nurtures the kid from his /her infancy to youth. For example- A cow if is provided the best feed like green grass, husk, apples and is nursed quite well then only she gives us milk like ambrosia.
Similarly, if a woman is provided with Vedic knowledge and thus performs daily agnihotra, is given nutritive, vegetarian food, respect, honour, always remains happy etc., in this way only she herself becomes learned of both materialism and spiritualism simultaneously and then only becomes capable to discharge her duties of a Brahma to give best Vedic sanskars to the children and advises her husband and family members as quoted above, otherwise not.
Her teachings to her children are much more important than even the teacher in the school.
Sometimes I wonder why a female child is not welcomed on her birth. Whereas Vedas preach that daughter is a lamp and enlightens two houses- one of parents and second of husband’s like Mata Sita.
But, isn’t it a fact that ignorant of Vedas does not know this eternal truth. Therefore, how would he accept this fundamental principle of Vedas?
Unluckily, after Mahabharat war, sun of Vedic knowledge set down due to which mostly the women have been extremely suppressed in their married as well as unmarried life. Several gangs are still active who trade and involve women in immoral activities. Heinous incidents of rape with women and minor girls are increasing. Several societies and so-called ashram of saints are involved in exploiting women. Though early marriages have been controlled to some extent but its roots have not been destroyed completely.
Cases related to “me too” campaign are astonishing. Based on caste-system several women have been insulted badly, when they were made naked before the public and beaten badly. Instead, miserable condition of several poor women remains unknown. No doubt, Government is trying right from the beginning of freedom till now to stop the storm of insult of women but all in vain.
Therefore, the study of Vedas and Rishi-Munis granths reveals that until the fundamental law of Vedic culture is arranged to be studied by the male and female babies, both, in the beginning of their childhood/ school going age, the woman cannot be awarded the title of Brahma and man (society) would never give respect to them considering them as his mothers sisters even.