Restoring post-paid mobile services

As many as over 40 lakh subscribers of the mobile services in the valley have got back the facility to use their phone they wanted to get connected anywhere at any time. As human nature would respond and react to a thing which almost has become a part and parcel of the routine life and getting or “seeing” it after a gap of so many days, a wave of joy has engulfed the valley especially the young people, most of whom have felt as if celebrating their most important festival. It would infuse rejuvenation in the business activities especially related to tourism in the valley. As regards thousands of pre-paid subscribers ,they continue to remain out of the domain of the restoration process for the time being.
It goes without saying that one gets a unique feeling which precisely could not be expressed in words when getting connected with family members, friends, acquaintances etc after a break of weeks together. Business circles have expressed very positive and hopeful feelings expecting smooth business activities as connectivity is cardinal to conducting of business activities and mobile phones are the easiest and perhaps the cheapest mode for that. It hardly needs to be recounted that following abrogation of Articles 370 (and 35 A) and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories, one to be eponymously called Jammu and Kashmir and the other as Ladakh under Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act 2019, fearing Pakistan sponsored terror activities would spoil the peace and tranquillity of the State, restrictions of connectivity were placed in both Jammu and Kashmir. Preventive measures, as such, were very rightly taken by the Government.
It goes without saying that in the present era of digitisation and global connectivity, remaining for days together without the facility of mobile phones, there was no need to give an account or feel of the tremendous difficulties faced by the people as a consequence thereof but in the words of the Governor, “lives of Kashmiri people were more important than mobile phones (services)”, the Government had very reluctantly but very genuinely taken the step to thwart attempts of inciting people and creating violence which could have cost many precious lives. The decision of the administration gotfully vindicated as not even a shot was fired by security forces which could have caused loss of any life. While in Kashmir division post paid mobile services were recently restored, Jammu divisions continues to be without internet facility for as many as ten weeks.
The administration was taking steps in a planned manner in respect of bringing forth complete normalcy in the Valley. Prior to restoration of the mobile phones facility, State formally opened for tourists last week about which proper announcement too was made by the Government. Educational institutions too have been opened though attendance is far from satisfactory. Parents had special responsibility to motivate their children to attend schools and resume studies. Only on September 4, fifty thousand landlines were declared operational in the Valley. Last but not the least, let it be hoped that none of the apprehensions or reasons sprout, post lifting of restrictions, which could create a premise or a room for placing of restrictions of any type again on mobile phones . Let normalcy, peace and tranquillity gain roots in the valley to usher in all pronged progress in Jammu and Kashmir.