Restore sanctity of JCCI, hold elections without delay: Forum

Former JCCI president Y V Sharma addressing members of ‘Save Jammu Chamber Forum’ at a meeting in Jammu on Saturday. -Excelsior/ Rakesh
Former JCCI president Y V Sharma addressing members of ‘Save Jammu Chamber Forum’ at a meeting in Jammu on Saturday. -Excelsior/ Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 15: While describing the continuation of Rakesh Gupta as president of Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries along with his team of office bearers, beyond the term of two years which ceases constitutionally on March 5, 2019, the ‘Save Jammu Chamber Forum’ comprising senior members from JCCI today pleaded for restoration of sanctity of this apex body of businessmen and holding of elections of the Jammu Chamber without any delay.
The Forum in an emergency meeting held at Jammu Club today under the leadership of its convener, Surinder Mohan, former Jammu Chamber president YV Sharma, Prithvi Raj Gupta, Arun Gupta (former gen secys), Rajesh Jain former president of Federation of Industries and others, described the continuation of Rakesh Gupta as JCCI president and other office bearers as illegal, unconstitutional and undemocratic. They said the Jammu Chamber has been passing through a very crucial stage these days.
They pointed out that some people in the JCCI for their vested interests have virtually converted this apex body of traders into their personal fiefdom. Crossing all the limits and setting side ethics of transparency, the present team is running the affairs of the Chamber as it was their own property by adopting ‘dictatorship’ like attitude. They said the present JCCI team has taken some decisions which are totally unconstitutional and illegal. The two years term of this team ceased on March 5 this year. But they continued undemocratically and illegally.
They disclosed that there is land adjoining Jammu Chamber office for the purpose of trade activities. The present team wants to raise a Business Club there by hatching conspiracy. For carrying on with their designs they called a meeting of some selective JCCI members and resolved to extend their term and also get nod for their ‘dream project’ having bar and other facilities. There is provision in the constitution to create Presidium of members for resolving any issue/ objection by the members, but present head of JCCI did not bother to set up the same.
The Forum claimed that the ‘so called’ general house meeting held at Hotel Raddison Blue Jammu on December 19, 2018 was illegal and unconstitutional. The quorum was not full, that is, one third of the total strength of the JCCI members which is nearly 2600. Hardly 450 members were present. Moreover, there was no wider publication of this meeting in leading newspapers/ media or individual intimation through phone/ letters to all the members of the Chamber. There was pick and choose and moreover, more than 200 unofficial members were called to show the quorum just to befool the traders community and media by the present team. They said the demolition move of the present semi-raised structure has been strongly resented by the members. They have called this meeting just to manage the control of JCCI through back door. Under the garb of Business Club, this team wants to open Liquor bar here which is against the promotion of trade activities and ethics. It will create security and traffic congestion problem at the Rail Head complex. The plea given by Rakesh Gupta to continue as president for raising this Business Club is just to hoodwink the trading community, they added.
The Forum strongly warned the present JCCI team to hold elections without any delay as per spirit of the Chamber Constitution, otherwise, the Forum will initiative a strong move for appropriate action in this regard. After, meeting the Forum addressed press conference and exposed the designs of the present team.
Prominent among others present in the meeting included- Antu Abrol Ex-Gen Secy FOI, Deepak Khajuria general secretary Ware House Traders Association, Joginder Gupta – general secretary Old Hospital Road Traders Association, Surinder Gupta president Purani mandi Businessmen Association and others.