Restore Internet Services

I want to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the fact that there is much distress and anxiety on the part of people living in J&K who now feel like being thrown into medieval age since the time Internet services were barred in the state almost five months by now from August 5, 2019 and still there seems no cause of barring the Internet services when people are silent without showing violence on roads or any kind of revolt on social media.
Regrettably, it has resulted in untold miseries on the part of everyone who is dependent on internet whether students, scholars or a layman. For getting updates about the upcoming jobs, preparing for exams or clearance of any doubt displayed in books or texts on the part of students who are preparing for their board exams,there is everything that asks for internet. Some people have even set up WiFi routers in their home regardless of the fact that not everyone can afford it. But the question is : How long this will go on? The matter needs to be taken into consideration soon.
Nishant Padha
Writer & Educator