Responsibility of the Government

Farmer’s agitation is on. Until now, the talks between the Government and different leaders of different farmers’ unions have not yielded any result. It is true that the opposition takes advantage of these things as the politics in India is only finding faults and not appreciating the good works of the respective governments. Okay, we believe that the opposition is manipulating the farmers’ agitation.
However, at the same time if the new laws are flawless then why the government has not succeeded in convincing the farmers. Whatever the condition or conditions but it is true that the new laws have created a wedge between the government and the farmers. It is not a healthy precedence. Whether the new laws are flawless or the farmers are being supported by the opposition just for creating the problems, but in both the the ways, the responsibility lies in the government. If there are flaws in the news laws then it is the government’s fault and the government has to find the solution and has no point of remaining adamant. Even if the laws are faultless, still the responsibility lies in the government as it has failed to communicate with the farmers.
There seems a communication gap between the farmers and the government. It is a big failure of the government. Opposition in the past, a few times, has created similar situations and government succeeded in handling those situations. Now the question is what is wrong at the present. Does BJP lack the communication skills that late Arun Jaitley had?
Sunil Mahajan