Clerk, Munshi or Babu

Refer article ‘Clerks and the like’ by Suman K Sharma who elaborates that Clerk, Munshi and Babu words were great respectable words rarely bestowed upon people who were actually intellectuals as word Clerk is derived from Latin word ‘clericus’, meaning a priest.
Next in India, we had matching word ‘Munshi’ and Queen Victoria had employed Mohammed Abdul Karim to teach her Hindustan Dhanpat Rai Shrivastava, a Hindustan author of the lasting fame, preferred to be known by the moniker ‘Munshi Prem Chand. Then words Clerks and Munshies came to be known as ‘Babus’.
Now these priests and intellectual persons are the clerks and Babus in our society who really because of their rich experiences and knowledge are backbones of all departments and corporations. They are really held in great esteem and to maintain these respects and importance in society our Babus have great responsibility to be fair enough.
I request that not only all Babus of our society but also other persons to know the worth of words Clerks, Munshies and Babus.
Kudos to writer of article and esteemed Daily Excelsior for carrying this informative article.
Durga Dass Sharma