Respecting the dead, succouring the bereaved

Well, it is ingrained in our ethos and culture to respect the one who has departed from this mortal world and offer condolences to the bereaved. This applies to the administration as well, since Administrations and Governments are run by the people and the golden non negotiable rule of the nature is that everyone, one day, has to depart. Having said so, the ultimate and the final journey of the dead up to its last rites should be sans administrative or individual neglect. Looking to the condition of the oldest cremation ground in Jammu known as ‘Jogi Gate’, it has unfortunately become the symbol of administrative neglect and apathy in more ways than could just be counted. Broken ground, smashed tiles, heaps of debris, garbage, dilapidated waiting sheds, shifting of core cremation points etc have made things around there so messy that even the pall bearers and others in the funeral march have to be careful in avoiding a fall. Electric crematorium with infrastructure is just dumped and not put to use. Even voluntary social organisations are paying no heed to such a place where the dears are seen last and given emotional adieu. Perhaps, they look towards and wait for the State Administration which perhaps appear to have attained immunity from one day meeting the irrevocable ultimate truth.