Resolutions on the eve of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Prof. Rasal Singh
‘Freedom’ is not merely a word only, but it is a feeling that electrifies body and mind and soul. It is the aspiration of not only human beings but also all living beings. Freedom is the highest aspiration, largest dream, and biggest strength of any person or nation. Slavery or dependence crushes the possibilities of not only a person, but also the nation. Complete all round development of the country and countrymen can happen only in a free environment. There is no greater curse for any nation than being enslaved. Nations with consience do not give easy acceptance to any kind of dependence. India has been a nation with a conscious spirit. India has fought continuously against the attempts to enslave her by foreign invaders. Due to some mistakes, internal divisions and infighting and cunning and devious tricks of foreign invaders, India experienced the darkness of being invaded and colonized. But the battles to save India were also fought continuously by the people of India with great sprit, strength and indomitable courage.
During the period of about one thousand years of being under the rule of different invaders, there were innumerable attempts and conspiracies to destroy and conteminate India, which represents thousands of millions of years old Sanatan sanskriti. Many times, the foreign invaders attacked and looted and relentlessly tried to erase the glorious history and culture of India popularly known as ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ and respected as ‘Vishwaguru’, but those conspiracies proved unsuccessful too. The sacrifices of the freedom fighters yielded independence to India on 15th August 1947. Though India got independence on this day but the work of making it independent from the colonial mentality remained incomplete. That work to decolonise the Indian mind is still going on now.
It is the collective duty of all the countrymen to remember and pay homage to the lakhs of bravehearts of the country who sacrificed their lives for the defense of India’s independence, unity, integrity and sovereignty. It is also the duty of the society to give respect and all types of facilitation to the families left behind. We should always remember that the society which forgets to give respect to its heroes who sacrificed their invaluable lives gradually moves towards extinction.
It’s been 75 years since we got independence. Our ancestors fought for a long time for the freedom. The stories of tenacity and sacrifice of innumerable freedom fighters may be found in this struggle. The present generation born after independence need to be aware of their selfless sacrifice, valour and courage. We should not only know what our ancestors have done for the attainment of freedom, but should also take inspiration from it, so that our freedom can be protected. Besides the freedom fighters, the brave soldiers of the security forces should also be constantly remembered. Today, there is a need to take India forward. And for this it is highly needed for the present generation to be united and dedicated to the nation. Only a society that takes inspiration from the valour and sacrifices of it’s ancestors can remain secure, united, independent, sovereign and prosperous.
During the Pakistani invasion of POJK in October 1947, there was brutal massacre of Hindus and Sikhs at places like Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Bhimber, Kotli etc. Lakhs of Mothers and sisters were subjected to many atrocities. Thousands of them lost their homes, livelihood, property; even modesty and lives were lost. Lakhs of innocent people were displaced. They are still waiting for justice and their rights and are hoping to return home. Similarly, the Indians living in POJK are also been neglected and oppressed till date. They are not free yet, and are desperately looking towards India for support. It is the responsibility of every Indian to provide justice, respect, security, freedom and lost citizenship of India to the Indians living in Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and China Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. For this, there is a need to be united and resolved to work to realise this dream of Akhand Bharat. There is need to create awareness in the world towards the pain and sufferings of this deprived society. The attention of the world should be drawn to their subjugation and atrocities on them so that they can get their rights and they can get back the citizenship of India, which was forcibly taken away from them. We are all aware of the atrocities committed against Kashmiri Hindus in the Valley. The shocking details are shown in the recently released film ‘Kashmir Files’. There is a need that India in one voice should call upon for the Kashmiri Pandits’ safe return to their homeland who suffered unimaginable pain and extreme atrocities.
Today there is a wave of positive changes in the country. The golden opportunity has come to make India stand again on the top of the world. Indian society has to awake and arise to make India assert it’s standing. We have to walk shoulder-to-shoulder. We all have to move forward, only then will India move forward. Nothing will be achieved by being individualistic and divided amongst ourselves. Instead of jealousy, hatred and bitterness; equality, harmony and fraternity should be our nature and national charecter. Let us turn our attention towards positive engagements, interventions and constructive work instead of divisive and destructive things.
It is important that there should be awakening of the real India. Besides owning our country’s soil, trees and plants, animals and birds, rivers-mountains, resources, traditions-customs, languages-dialects, civilization-culture etc, the true patriotism also includes loving one’s own countrymen and to stand together in sorrow and happiness. May the entire society stand with the families of the brave soldiers and sacrificers with full commitment and solidarity. The government as well as the society should take the responsibility of the families of the martyrs. Never let these families feel alone. It is the duty of every Indian to prove the importance of their sacrifice. The entire society has the responsibility of not letting the sacrifices of the martyrs go in vain. Let us unite as a nation. And we must accept this responsibility unequivocally.
In the above context, it is suggested that we should name different institutions, roads, buildings, development plans & policies, awards etc. after our heroes ie freedom fighters. Memorials of immortal martyrs should be built. Historical sites/centres of freedom struggle of country should be preserved and restored. Date of birth of these martyrs and Death anniversary should be celebrated like a mass celebration. In national festivals like 15th August and 26th January, those who sacrificed their lives must be remembered. It is needed that one should have devotion and dedication towards the national anthem, national song, national flag, national constitution and other national symbols. Make it a habit to think as an Indian, not as an individual. One should try to know about the martyrs of their vicinity and around and should try to bring their stories out. Through literature, story, folklore, drama, films, media and social media etc., take the heroic stories of these immortal martyrs among the society so that they become our ideals and be an inspiration to the future generations. It is high time that the future generations be told about the cruelty, bigotry and money-glut of foreign invaders. By understanding the value of independence only we can ensure its sustenance. By doing this only the dream of a strong India and a united India can be realized.
(The author is Dean, Students’ Welfare, Central Univrsity of Jammu.)