Requirement of Dental Surgeons

At the outset, we cannot understand as to how in absence of a clear cut policy on recruitment and appointment in any sphere of administration, with particular reference to those departments which provide vital and essential services, any stand could be taken not dictated by the prevailing circumstances. In other words, the Government imposes a unilateral ‘moratorium’ on fresh appointments in medical services particularly in Dental Surgery Department for a decade or so and when, perhaps, on need based requirement, it is found that 500 new surgeons were required, the proposal is turned down.
We can neither rule out the possibility of not working out of the requirement on strict need basis criteria, nor can we write off the basis of the returning the proposal of filling 500 posts by the Government which were proposed by no less an authority than the Director, Health Services . The first question that needs a reply is as to why on annual basis, an exercise is not mandatorily made to find where and how much was the additional requirement needed to be arranged and funds provided for and why are hospitals allowed to reel under shortage of doctors only to cause problems and harassment to the patients and their attendants. Equally, what was the Directorate of Health Services waiting for all these ten years for not sending the request for additional Dental Surgeons justifying the same with facts and figures, on annual or accruable basis.
In most of the cases, requisitions are made in the absence of proper work out ,requirement analysis and break up , providing for how much additional funds as salary and perks, feasibility chart and a full synopsis of the requirement . All these things are required at Planning and Finance levels justifying sanctioning of the requirement. In a State, where red tape is rampant and work culture is requiring a lot of reforms and changes, efforts should be made at every level to cut on delays and avoid total rejection or slicing of the requirement as has been done in the instant case. It is beyond comprehension that the file in itself should be returned to the Directorate of Health Services with the direction to reduce the number of posts and resubmit the same so as to be in congruence with the need. This is what we are bringing home to both the ‘sides’ in that, either the Directorate of Health Services has not technically justified the requirement or the higher administration has not honestly justified as to why and on what basis, the number should be reduced and how much reduced.
Has the official ‘home work’ from both sides been far from satisfactory,could probably emanate from how the Directorate of Health Sciences justifies the number of 500 new Dental Surgeons in its fresh submission of the requirement, citing pressing needs based on cogent facts and the Government explaining again, on solid grounds, as to why should it press for a lesser number. That there are 4000 unemployed Dental Surgeons and a number of as many as 1000 Medical Officers having been appointed recently, why should a Dental Surgeon not be appointed as per prevalent rules, along with a Medical Officer at every Health Centre / facility.
The Government is bound to provide satisfactory medical services at Government hospitals that bear the patients’ load to the extent of 90 to 95 per cent and oral health and hygiene are important areas to be given attention to. We do not appreciate the pleas of the Director Health Services in saying that she was not aware of the present status of the file as she was busy with some other assignment. It clearly means that from originating offices, there was absolutely no follow up in knowing the fate of an issue which was pending at some higher levels. That becomes the cause of delay as once a note or a file is sent to ‘higher ups’, the duty is deemed to be over. In the meantime, the issue needs immediate resolution about which we shall be following the track to its disposal .