Replenish anti rabies vaccines at hospitals

Dogs are the main source and carriers of rabies as also monkeys, foxes, cats and could cause human deaths if not provided prompt and complete medical treatment which is through anti rabies vaccines. Population of these animals as also incidences of bites have increased over the years in Jammu. However, it is a cause of concern that there is an acute shortage of this critical vaccine in Government hospitals. It has resulted into the hardships of the patients and their relatives who keep otherwise the fear lurking in their minds about the fallout of its no or late availability. This position is there in these hospitals for the last three months.
How was, in the absence of sufficient stocks of this vaccine, the Health and Medical Education Department of the State, going to meet the situation of treating 15 to 20 cases of dog bites on daily basis in the hospitals. It is observed that the suffering poor patients have to manage these vaccines at high prices from other sources. The problem is aggravated when even in the open market few outlets selling these vaccines too are hard pressed due to supply channels being strained. It is, however, a matter of satisfaction that the purchase of this vital vaccine is arranged from other sources including by floating tenders but the element of uncertainty and the shortage at other centres in the neighbouring states is worrisome. The State Government should mobilise all the resources at its disposal to ensure early supply of these essential drugs.