Reorganisation of the Panchayats

Every move taken towards infusing energy and strength in the overall functioning of the grass root level democratic institutions is worth its value but if whatever is planned in the spirit of 73rd amendment Act for the same remains unimplemented, that augured not well for the concerned Department’s handling the important issue. In other words, the fate of much hyped mechanism of overhauling administrative machinery in the Rural Development Department supposed to play its role in the matter is seen nowhere. While on the one hand Panchayats are facing related problems and difficulties in the absence of implementation process of overhauling, on the other hand such a deferring approach on the whole amounted to reversing expected gains and the objectives behind 2018 elections of these institutions.
Looking to the current status of inaction of the Rural Development Department, it is advised that it must, therefore, shun its indolent approach to address the issue so that whatever was decided by the Administrative Council in February this year in respect of a revamping of the field administrative machinery by introducing certain measures of rationalising various categories of existing posts in that department, must now really be seen having travelled beyond papers.
For a change for better functioning of the third tier of the democratic set up looking to allotting a sound and adequate funds base coupled with more powers and execution of infrastructural mini projects etc, administrative structural overhaul is a must. In other words, steps must be taken to create and fill various administrative posts in each district like Assistant Commissioner Panchayats etc so that huge funds released were spent and utilized in the right and productive ways besides aiming at other improvements in the overall functioning of the Panchayats. Reasonably adequate manpower, therefore, was necessary in giving practical shape to various proposals and executing of measures as planned in respect of strengthening Panchayats.