Regulator for vocational training

Vocational training which is also known by Vocational Education and Training as also Career and Technical Education provides such technical training which is quality oriented with certification besides being job specific and ultimately becomes a source of living for the recipient. These include providing of those programs which focus on hands – on instruction leading to certification like a diploma or a certificate.
The need to have a separate regulatory agency on vocational training was long felt especially since the Government has been focusing on the importance of skills and their development through trainings and education. There are various ministries, nearly a dozen or so, involved in some form of skilling efforts.  The country needs skills and skilled talent and this regulatory agency was going to result in giving a fillip to the country’s skilling efforts. What is most needed is quality enforcement.
In this connection, having realized its utmost importance, the Union Cabinet will soon  formulate a proposal for setting up of a regulator for the vocational training. This training was to be quality specific and on the lines of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). This was primarily to be done with intent to improve the quality of skilled man power. The move of the Government is commendable as the country can have not only skilled man power to contribute in  the private sector but in other sectors too especially when it  is equipped with quality technical training and due certification from an acclaimed regulator on the pattern of the AICTE.
Country’s skilling efforts find some critics who are bent upon linking such measures with employment outcomes only and that also instantaneously. They are not wholly incorrect but employment, though Central to every vocational training, is not the only measuring yard for a skilling programme. The fact that the country needs skilled man power is indicator of vast employment opportunities.