Regularise this unregistered Blood Bank

Sub District Hospital Sopore was sanctioned a Blood Bank nearly five years back but so far, it has not been duly registered and is running illegally within the knowledge of the concerned authorities. Like this, the lives of the unsuspecting patients are precariously imperilled for which who could be held accountable is not understandable. Has this ‘Bank’ been inspected by the concerned organisations and agencies from time to time and have they expressed concern about its malfunctioning or have, on the contrary, found prim facia its functioning satisfactory? If so, why are the authorities sleeping over the matter of it being duly certified.?
Who is authorising blood transfusions of the deserving patients from this bank in the absence of the statutory authority and permission, is to be looked into before some irreversible problem occurred. Moreover, it is the question of the patients’ satisfaction and the trust in such vital medical organs which matters which can be possible with according the Blood Bank certificate to function or close it outrightly. Let us hope the same is looked into on priority basis and the Blood Bank is certified and registered at the earliest. Proper space, necessary infrastructure including reasonable strength of staff too should be provided to this Blood Bank .