Regularise casual workers

At the outset, why should the Government engage people on casual and temporary basis unless it forms an ingredient part of the appointment terms and conditions that the person who was appointed purely on temporary basis would be made permanent after completion of some specified period . The Policy Planners and ardent political leadership following an ambiguous policy of engaging people to an extent of more than a lakh under such an arrangement is beyond comprehension as, if argued on financial grounds too sounds queer and unconvincing as under one or the other arrangement , these casual and daily rated employees had to be paid. It is another matter that these hapless people while continuing to be casual and temporary even after putting in more than 10 years in service not only continued to be unconfirmed and not made permanent but their wages /pay/salaries etc were not paid for months together about which ‘Excelsior’ has on many occasions voiced concern.
There is a number of 62000 of such employees from PHE , PDD and R&B Departments who had put in more than two decades of ‘service’ and were promised regularisation by the previous PDP-BJP Government in the year 2017 and some preparations too were made like collecting data and other relevant information etc but till date, they continue to be in the same status quo ante position. Most of them are routinely seen on agitation(al) path. We urge the UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir to look into their problems and resolve the long pending issue much to the relief of these employees.