Need to enforce traffic regulations

We know that traffic management not only relates to regulating traffic on roads but to encompass observance of regulations, awareness regarding road safety, maintaining traffic discipline, fitness of vehicles, stopping over loading, checking sternly driving under inebriated conditions, meeting emergencies at accident sites, providing trauma centres at vulnerable spots, addressing encroachments and haphazard parking habits, installation of CCTV cameras and the like. If it is said that over all of these, traffic patrolling on Highways and more dedicated traffic personnel really mattered a lot, it would not be any exaggeration. Does the identified Government apparatus periodically take holistic view of the prevailing traffic arrangements as mentioned herein by way of assessments, reviews, obtaining reports , fixing and monitoring area wise targets and fixing accountability especially when precious human lives are pathetically lost in recurring road accidents?
It is, however, heartening to observe that Lieutenant Governor Girish Chanra Murmu recently reviewed in a meeting , implementation of road safety initiatives throughout Jammu and Kashmir. He has hardly left any vital point untouched which was not related to how best and in effective manner traffic regulations could be enforced. We have been reiterating that reasons and factors must be found out , apart from usual, as to why there has been a spurt in the frequency of road accidents especially in hilly and mountainous areas. In this connection, he has laid emphasis on identifying the causes of accidents and take effective measures with regard to where shortcomings or weaknesses were in the system and how they could be addressed.
We, at the same time, do not appear to be in know of the various special moves sponsored by the Government in this regard as we would have liked to have progress reports on district wise basis perused by concerned higher authorities and in such meetings as chaired by the Lt. Governor to suggest remedial measures and providing other requisite infrastructure in respect of ensuring enforcement of traffic regulations. Merely reiterating those points which we all know, could prevent to a lot extent frequency of accidents and thus theoretical part being covered more than practical one, would hardly prove useful and effective. However, the Lt. Governor has presumably got the correct feedback about the status of trauma centres on Highways which speaks for his directions to prepare Project Reports for establishing more Trauma Centres. Needless to add, very few which we have across the vulnerable roads are ill equipped which means they are not in a position to meet an emergency effectively . It is pertinent to note that merely establishing Trauma Centres was not important in as much as their effective utility and catering to emergencies very timely to save victims was , who usually are brought at such centres in critical conditions .
Has an effective action plan yet to be prepared for implementation of road safety measures even after witnessing spate of accidents claiming too many precious lives in Jammu and Kashmir as the Lt. Governor has asked the concerned officers to roll out one for successful implementation of road safety measures in the interests of the passengers as well as commuters . Better late than never , drastic measures are required to be taken in order to make Jammu and Kashmir roads safe to drive on them. Transport Department and Traffic Police need to work in tandem and close cooperation as also walk an extra mile and not appear doing their duty during a few hours of the day only but even during odd hours and nights. Traffic safety audits should form an important ingredient of the effective action plan envisaged in connection with enforcement of traffic regulations.