Reflections and Reminiscences of Harmonious Bonding

Col Parmjit (Retd)
A Glimpse triggers in my mind as a flashback of the past world, where the populace lived in peace and harmony is totally a misnomer today. The remotest of the relations, very remotely related lived together and stayed in unison, loved each other and helped each other indeed at times of urgent need. A bond of harmonious relationship persisted. Community living was par excellence living and communal hrmony was the order of the day , tons of love even for the remotest of relation known or unknown was well standing out. The things like construction of homes / community centres like monuments, temples etc and organising of functions like marriages and other social functions / events were colourfully organised and efficiently conducted with no ifs and buts, which used to be an indelible mark of success.The point to be noted here is that the whole community/ village /society voluntarily participated and made the event whatever a grandeur success. Today you now one is on his own. Not a very happy situation though. Kaam to rukega nahin par…..(work will not stop but……)
Today in this twentieth century in the modernised era the things are probably organised to look more colourful , attractive and decent. However one thing is a miss totally that is bonding of union or oneness. So no love but lost is love and hence no happiness. Call it evident missing of love and harmony totally. Our focus is on harmonious relationship. Why these things are missing today is a million dollar question, which needs to be addressed seriously and squarely. The factors attributable to widening the gap (distancing) man from man are listed /enunciated below:-
(a) Before the advent of of present world ,very few men and momen our predecessors (ancestors) who constituted the world at that period , is a case in point. It was the beginning of the world. Therefore to live a better decent life human beings loved each other and also they needed support of each other.In other words the interdependence on each other was another attribute , which bound them together. And corona (covid-19) onslaught today has made everybody sit at home and meeting each other is not a very encouraging or welcome step these days. A bad and sad situation..Hope it improves soon. If it does not, the issue of mutual love and harmony will further get compounded. Some people when asked are of the opinion that this is exactly what people wanted. A very sorry state of affairs.
(b) Let us consider the world war -1( 1914 -1919 ) and world war -11 ( 1939-1945 ). In both the wars many people perished. Avery few segments /pockets of populace survived . But natural, people from one place visited another place and were given free food clothing and shelter and of course lived in communal harmony. Helping attitude of all and full cooperation of all with each other during hours of crisis without any rebuttals and refusals was an inthing.Though logically speaking , it was a cordial mutual reciprocation factor. Something like do good and receive good or say as you sow so shall you reap. People travelled / traversed miles for days and nights together on foot measuring every geographical feature enroute may it be re-entrants, plateaus, saddles , valleys, ravines and all possible reliefs and contours of the ground configuration. The dedication, love , cooperation and affection depicted for each other was worth emulating which, today is a miss.period.
(c ) Probably or more so people were god fearing and believed in the very existence of god (if not god then some super natural power) which was orchestrating /running / contolling the nature and this universe.Hence perse people liked each other, and mind you with no ulterior motives or designs, a great binding power , which bound them together can be definitely boasted about. That populace lived together and total communal harmony existed amongst various brands of people which led to happy , healthier and heavenly environment. Reasons may be A, B , C …. and so on.. The tug of war here and there continued that time also. But these small issues were effectively addressed and people loved each other still and stayed in unison. The human culture of harmonious relationship surpassed the modern day culture of arms race and desruction.
Remember , life is a temporary phase , people come and go . You , me and everyone else has come and will perish one day , sooner or later. No one is immortal. We were born , shall live and die one day is the gospel truth..All of us have to go through the will of destiny designed and stored for us. Having completed our tenure in this world as destined and endorsed in the dossiers by god, we will be on the threshold to next entrance ,black or white depending on our deeds good or bad , right or wrong as adudged by our saviour, the God or the super natural power.
Having discussed so much about the harmonious relations in the past and present and the ongoing connotations of the same. A small prediction, which is purely personal, though not a qualified predictionist’s version. Relations among human beings will improve drstically after the third world war if at all it takes place as predicted by Nostradamus. The reason for improvement of harmonious relationship as is predicted by us is simple that is very few segments of population will survive. Interdependence on each other will further augment and cement the bonds of friendship and cooperation. People once again will start sharing the joys and sorrows of each other probably much more than what they are doing today. Today’s showbiz will change into a heavenly abode and a happy society will muster up. Economically speaking the graphs will keep changing sometimes inflation and sometimes deflation. Harmonious relations among various segments of the society will be the net resultant of the third world war. For quite sometime this locus standi of amicable relationships would persist. Subsequently we will come back to square one ,after how long is unknown .Any guesses ??. Probably this would happen 500 years hence to be on the safer side and some predictionist’s may forecast the fourth world war also.
This vicious circle is endless and hence would continue with various shades / connotations. Having by now understood the philosophy of life vividly. Let us all be contented with whatever we have as destined . Samay Se Pahle Aur Bhagya Se Adhik Kissiko Kuch Milne Wala Nahin. Let us all unanimously decide to follow the following principles for betterment of our lives :-
(a) Love everyone and hate none. Who goes first you donot know
(b) Communal harmony and no discrimination
(c) Strive for peace and prosperity
(d) Believe in God
(e) Always try to do good and no harm
(f) Develop mutual love , trust and faith
(g) We all are mortals. Good deeds are immortals
(h) Who is God and where is he?. The answer is we ourselves and he is within us
(J) Let us all together have a humane and humanitarian way of life