Rate fixed for heli services during Machail, Hud Yatras

Excelsior Correspondent

KISHTWAR, May 26: District Administration has fixed heli services fare during the forthcoming Shree Machail Mata and Hud Mata Yatras.
The schedule for Machail Yatra 2018 annual airfare for Machail Yatra 2018 has been fixed at Rs 2,200 per head for adults and children between the age group of 02-12 years. The fare is for a one way journey. Heritage Private Limited and Pawan Hans are the two companies which managed to bag the contract for flying passengers to and fro from Gulabgarh-Machail-Gulabgarh.
“Allotment of contract for providing helicopter services to Shree Machail Mata Yatra will be from July 25 to September 5 and Hud Mata in Dacchan from July 18 to July 23”, the order of DDC reads.

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“The tariff has been allocated as per location and sector for both adults and children. The airfare between Kishtwar-Gulabgarh for adults and children has been fixed at Rs 4,000 one way, Gulabgarh-Machail at Rs 2,200 one way, Kishtwar-Kaikoot-Hud Mata at Rs 2,400 one way and Sounder (Dacchan)-Kalkoot-Hud Mata at Rs 4000 one way.
The holy Machail Yatra will officially start from July 25 this year and will culminate on September 5. The chopper services will also start from July 25 to September 5.
Talking to media persons, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kishtwar Angrez Singh Rana, said that the heli-services have been offered by the Government to facilitate the pilgrims in the rough and difficult terrain of the Kishtwar valley.
“It will facilitate the elderly, children and even sick people to pay obeisance to the deity. It will also help in relief and rescue operations in case of any emergency”, he added.


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