Rana terms PAGD’s whitepaper as ‘white lie’

Senior BJP leader Devender Rana speaking to media after a function at Akhnoor on Sunday.
Senior BJP leader Devender Rana speaking to media after a function at Akhnoor on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
AKHNOOR, Feb 27: Terming the PAGD’s so-called whitepaper ‘The Betrayal’ as a bunch of lies by the bunch of dynasts, senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today cautioned against attempts of creating an atmosphere of paranoia across J&K in a fit of desperation to regain lost power by indulging in falsehood and misrepresentation of facts.
“On the face of rejection by the people of J&K, the ‘Limited Company’ of dynasts under the umbrella of PAGD is unsuccessfully trying to whip up passions to attain relevance in the Kashmir politics”, Rana said when asked by media persons at the sidelines of a social function in Akhnoor today.
He said the people know who’s who and can read in between the lines, especially as the preface of their white lies exposes the inherent mischief of polarizing the communities and regions to satiate their lust for power. The authors of the document have taken pains in defining the values and explaining the preamble of the Constitution of India with reference to `Satyam Mave Jayte’ in a bid to make out a case in support of Article 370 but fail to appreciate the temporary nature of this provision. He said the temporary provision granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir had to go for being an obstacle to the rights of Dalits, women and tribals in particular, he said, adding this is why the PAGD remains confined to a few cozy drawing rooms of Gupkar Road in Srinagar.
Rana also questioned the timing of the whitepaper, saying it took them 19 long months to frame up a response to August 2019 developments. The proprietary demanded them to wait for the outcome of their plea filed in Supreme Court of India but having chosen to articulate their false narrative in the public domain speaks of the underlying mischief.
The BJP leader lamented the narrative being built up about BJP after registering a majority in the Legislative Assembly wanting to pass a resolution that ‘whatever they did in August 2019 has been accepted’ to be placed in the Supreme Court. He said the August 5, 2019 political decisions are in the interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and these were taken in accordance with the Constitution and in a democratic manner.
To a question on pledges being made from time to time with the people of J&K in terms of various agreements especially Delhi Agreement 1952 as reflected in the PAGD whitepaper, Rana quipped “much water has flown down Jhelum, Tawi and Sindhu rivers since”.
“Do they mean to say that these facts were not known to the stake holders during 1975 accord which led to the change of dispensation in Jammu and Kashmir with a towering leader taking oath as Chief Minister and not as the Prime Minister of the then state. This was the realization of the political realities of the time”, he added.