Rana calls for united effort for harmonious societal growth

Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing a congregation.
Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing a congregation.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU July 1: Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today called for a united effort for harmonious growth of the society, saying that the bonds of amity and brotherhood need to be further strengthened to make this world a better place to live in.
Speaking at a congregation, held to mark the weeklong recitation of Bhajjans and Kirtans in praise of Lord Vishnu at Bawa Talab here, Rana said that promotion of harmonious society holds the key to creating an enabling environment for peace and progress of mankind.
Suresh Shastri also addressed the congregation and referred to the week-long event being held annually to promote spirituality. He said the hallmark of these discourses is to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood. He made a special reference to various evils inflicted to the society and stressed the need for imparting values among the youngsters.
The senior BJP leader said that the congregation being held at the iconic place of Bawa Talab reminds of the glorious ethos of Dogras, who are the proud inheritors of great cultural heritage. He described Jammu as the proud land of warriors and farmers and paid tribute to Baba Jitto, recalling the supreme sacrifice of the legendary peasant in fight against feudalism.
“We are the inheritors of the revolutionary farmers who fought relentlessly for the just cause of the farming community and the great warriors who have offered valuable sacrifices for the integrity and sovereignty of the nation”, Mr Devender Rana said.
He said social justice, compassion, amity and peace has been the sole motivation of the saints and sages who have blessed the greatest civilization across the country in general and Jammu in particular. Their message of peace and tranquility has to be imbibed in letter and spirit for bequeathing it to the posterity to make this world a better place to live in, he added.
Rana said the lives of revolutionaries like Bawa Jitto are full of the spirit of sacrifice that has all along served as a beacon light for all those striving for a just society where opportunities to grow are available to all. The folklore revolving around the great farmer, who was a devout of Mata Vaishno Devi, and his daughter infuses a renewed spirit of valour among the people even after two centuries and inspires them to strive for equality and the righteousness even at the peril of one’s life. The great people like Baba Jitto symbolize Dogra heritage and they have inspired generations because of their strong commitment to inclusiveness and harmonious growth of the diverse society. He said the people of the Duggarland attach immense reverence to these heroes who left an indelible mark of their selfless service to humanity, especially the peasantry and weaker sections of the society.