Rajghat maintenance lapse

Rajghat on the banks of Jamuna in the capital is known all over the world because it is the Samadhi or cremation site of the Father of the Nation. World dignitaries visiting India hardly miss the occasion of laying wreath at the site. They do so to pay homage to the man who won India freedom from colonial rule through non-violence. Millions of Indians who hold Gandhiji in great reverence also find time to visit the site and pay homage.
It is common sense that such a historically and culturally significant place should be maintained meticulously and its sanctity and popularity given due respect. The site has to be commensurate with the name and fame of Gandhiji in all respects, cleanliness, poignancy, grandeur and peaceful atmosphere. A visit to the Samadhi has to be soul purifier and that can happen only when its maintenance is of highest order. Whenever a foreign dignitary comes to pay homage to the Father of the Nation, he must naturally think and say that here is a great Indian nation showing full reverence to the great leader, whom many have called an apostle of peace.
Delhi High Court while hearing a PIL was shocked to know that there are many lapses in proper maintenance of the Samadhi which is entirely the duty of the Central Public Works Department (CPWD). Dismayed with the working of the existing Samadhi the High Court has ordered the constituting of a panel that will visit the Samadhi and report back to the court the status of the Samadhi and suggest what improvement should be made in it. We think that there should be much scope of making it a very robust cultural centre befitting the works and sacrifices of the Father of the Nation.