Rahul Gandhi Confident Of Opposition Joining Hands For ‘Alternative Vision’ For India

Washington, Jun 3: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday told members of the Indian-American community here that India is currently experiencing a “fight” between two different ideologies and exuded confidence that all opposition parties are joining hands for an “alternative vision” of the country to that of the ruling BJP.
Making his last public appearance during his two-day visit to Washington, Gandhi said that when he meets the non-Congress opposition parties, he has always emphasised that it is very important that they fight unitedly.
“Lots of media people like to sort of make BJP larger than life, RSS larger than life. Please look at the Himachal (Pradesh) election. Please look at the Karnataka election. We are going to have elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan,…see those elections and you will see that the Congress Party is more than capable of defeating the BJP,” a confident-looking Gandhi told members of the Indian-American community at a reception hosted in his honour here on Friday.
“We get together and normally fight as individual parties, but fight by placing an alternative vision for India on the table. And that is what we are working on. All the opposition parties are in discussion, are in conversation. And I would like to tell you that that discussion is moving forward very effectively,” Gandhi said while addressing a diverse group of Indian-Americans gathered from in and around Washington DC.
Gandhi told the Indian-Americans that they would be aware of the “fight” that is taking place in India. (Agencies)