Rabies free summer capital

Rumpy Madaan
The State Summer Capital Jammu has seen substantial increase in dog aggression and man animal conflicts in various localities of Jammu city since ABC/ARV Animal Birth Control / Anti Rabies Vaccination Programme was started in March 2017 by Jammu Municipal Corporation in collaboration with an Agency named ‘Nanded SPCA ‘ from Maharashtra. It is  not because there is sharp increase in dog population but the imbalance is being created due to faulty and unscientific methodology being followed by the Agency conducting this ABC/ARV Programme in Jammu city. This is causing imbalance and chaos, leading to public nuisance and both human and animal abuse. There are complaints about unknown dogs in some localities, and on the other hand missing dogs complaints by the animal lovers. Both are being ignored by the authorities either due to ignorance or purposely for the reasons best known to them.
Lack of  Awareness
about ABC/ARV
There is a saying ‘ FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED ‘ so people should become vigilant about the Do’s and Don’ts of this programme and guard their interests and their localities from any untoward incidents of man animal conflict.
The aim of this programme is to pick up dogs, operate and sterelize them so as they do not breed and multiply, vaccinate them against rabies infection and then after 4 days release them in the same area they were picked up from.
Responsibilities of the Agency
They have to carry out the ABC/ARV programme ward wise and inform the people through print and electronic media about the ward No they will be catching dogs from without mixing dogs from 2 or 3 wards as it is mandatory not to mix wards to avoid dislocation of dogs in wrong areas and put the life of people and animal at risk.
Vehicle lifting dogs should have all the concerned phone no’s and Email ID’s printed on it in bold letters and all the dog catchers should have their photo ids pinned to their uniform to enable concerned residents to call for info plus if they see the dog catchers being cruel and brutal to the dogs while lifting, plus follow up on the dogs lifted or dislocated or post operative complications after relocation.
Animal lovers and area caretakers or feeders should be involved in safe lifting and right relocation of dogs. In case of any complication they can inform the concerned authorities to give further treatment to stop the infection from spreading to humans.
They should not lift small pups, dogs less than six months or less than 15 kg, sick or old dogs as they should only be vaccinated whereever they are and released as they will not be breeding anymore, so why waste time, effort and treasuries money in its sterelization. Pregnant and lactating females should not be lifted as its against the Supreme Courts and Animal welfare boards guidelines.
The dogs lifted have to be tagged immediately with the individual identification  no which has to noted in the form with the supervisor in the dog catching vehicle. They should get it  signed by a resident of that area and give a copy of the same to that person with details of no of males and females lifted with their colours.
Dogs bought to the facility have to be handled humanely otherwise traumatised hungry and in pain dog will be rendered disturbed and fearing humans will result in bitting dogs.
Dogs should be operated and vaccinated in hygenic conditions , given proper and enough food twice a day , kept in separate kennels to avoid catching infections. Before releasing the dogs, Fit To Release form has to be signed by an independent veterinary doctor
Basic comfort like fans and coolers during summers, and some mats  to sit on during winters to avoid deaths due to hypothermia.
The organs ( Ovries and testicles) removed after operations are preserved and than at the end of the month are counted in the presence of the monitoring committee which needs to have atleast one member from the civil                  society so as to receive payment as per no of organs fixed  (here its 735/ per organ)  and then the organs counted are to be destroyed in the presence of the monitoring committee members so that they cannot be recounted again next month.
The Responsibility of residents of the societies and localities plus members of the ABC/ARV committee members is crucial and of utmost importance for the success or failure of this programme. The scientific and systematic procedures from lifting to relocation need to be followed with utter transparency, responsibility,  honesty and accountability by the Agency conducting this sterelization and vaccination programme in Jammu city . The people have to guard their own interests and the welfare of voiceless dogs being subjected to complicated and invasive surgeries with only four days of post operative , than again left on the streets to fend for themselves is a package deal . Here the human welfare is prime and animals will certainly benefit as a by product of the whole programme if conducted in a humane and systematic manner . The reason why Supreme court has directed municipal corporations of all states to give tender for sterelization and vaccination programme to animal welfare NGOs and not conduct it on its own , is to conduct the ABC/ARV programme strictly as per the guidelines and module of Animal Welfare Board in the humane manner so that the interest of the people and animals can be guarded .
The residents and monitoring committee members should monitor the release back of the dogs lifted so that no wrong dog is thrown back in your area. If the dogs lifted from your area do not come back in4 to 5 days complain to the Municipal veterinary officer or send a written complaint to the municipal commissioner and copy to the local police station SHO or chowki officer by speed post.
Do not be happy if the dogs lifted from your area do not come back because it spells the confusion, or dislocation or death of the dogs lifted . Plus the robberies in areas where dogs have been lifted and not bought back will increase as they guard your localities. The vaccum created will be soon filled by unknown unvaccinated and unsterelized dogs will migrate to your area with in days and the benefit of this programme is lost to you and danger of being bitten by unknown unfamiliar dogs increases.