Quality education for tribal students

Students from our tribal belts should in no case remain behind in acquiring higher and quality level education , to fully ensuring that, slew of measures having been taken by the Government are going to benefit the tribal students in that not only the number of courses have been increased but enhancement in scholarships too have been announced. Now, those tribal students who are pursuing higher education in different colleges, universities and institutions can avail of the massive revision, the first of its kind since 2011, to the extent of from 100 to 125 per cent in scholarships in each segment. In addition, from the existing 50 courses, the number has been increased to 350 courses.
The four groups A , B , C and D have the scholarships for the students increased from the existing limit to Rs.72000 an increase of Rs.42000, Rs.53200 or an increase of Rs.33200 and Rs.41700 or an increase of Rs.23700 and finally Rs.28700 or an increase of Rs.16700 respectively which should enable the concerned students pursue their higher studies without any difficulties on account of financial needs. Since there is an appreciable cost involved in access to quality education, the revision in the scholarships was in fact overdue and the decision of the Government shall be of great relief and satisfaction of the students from our tribal belts . There should , however, be a mechanism of reviewing the scholarship schemes periodically and if it is decided to be done every two years, it is a step taken in the right direction.