Q: Analysts say that India is the biggest democracy of the world but a layman who is suffering in every quarter of life believes that India is no more a democracy, where India exposes number of scams but none is found guilty because of some shortcomings in judicial system and culprits including anti-national elements, smugglers, black marketers and those involved in heinous crimes like rapes go scot free. Comment?

A: India no doubts is the biggest democracy in the world, but a new breed of its leaders have brought it a bad name in the eyes of the world. These leaders after getting elected leave no stone unturned in filling their coffers through illegal means thereby tarnishing the image of the nation before all. As far as law of the land is concerned, there is no shortcoming in it, but the fault lies with those who are protectors of law or vested with the job of maintaining law and upholding its supremacy. And corruption is the root cause of all these maladies. Once we are able to do away with this menace, all other things would start taking care of themselves. It is a matter of time only.