Gupta criticises Govt for issuing inflated electricity bills

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 18: Questioning the wisdom of the Government for issuing inflated electricity bills to the consumers in Jammu, the former Union Minister and MLA Jammu West Assembly Segment, Prof Chaman Lal Gupta said this is adding insult to injuries.
In a statement issued here today, he said on the one hand the people are faced with lengthy schedule and unscheduled power cuts in this scorching heat on Summer and on the other a campaign has been launched to issue inflated bills and force the consumers to pay more fee in the name of meeting the deficit and losses of the Government on account of power supply.
He said this approach of the Government speaks volumes itself. Either the electricity cuts coupled with inflated bills are part of a design or the lack of wisdom on the part of Government. The approach in the ultimate would lead to pay heavily by the ruling parties as they would not forget that what type of cruelties are being inflicted upon the suffering masses. Such a type of approach in a democratic set up is unheard, he added.
Prof Gupta further said that it is strange that little is being done to collect electricity fee in those areas especially the Valley where the power losses have gone upto 60 to 70 percent but in Jammu areas where such losses are less than 40 percent a campaign has been launched to harass the consumers, he added.
He said this is bound to add to the feeling of discrimination to which the Jammu region has been already subjected to under communal and regional considerations.


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