Punjabi play ‘Kandyali Taar’ draws jam packed audience

Lalit Gupta

A scene from the play ‘Kandyali Taar’.-Excelsior/Rakesh
A scene from the play ‘Kandyali Taar’. -Excelsior/Rakesh

JAMMU, Mar 13: Punjabi Play ‘Kandyali Taar’ by Kirpal Singh Kasali, which brought on stage many new actors and drew  jam packed audience, was performed during the ongoing annual drama festival organized by J&K Cultural  Academy, at the auditorium of Government College for women, Gandhi Nagar, here today.
Directed by Javed Gill, the plot of play revolves around two soldiers: Prem Singh, a Sikh of Indian  Army and Mushtaq of Pakistani Army, who while posted on the border discover that Prem Singh is living  in the same house in Gurdaspur, which belonged to Mushtaq’s family before partition.
Both soldiers develop cordial relations. Mushtaq, after coming to know about the marriage of Prem’s  daughter, tells him about the gold mohars buried by his elders in the Gurdaspur house and, asks him to  use the gold for marriage.
After daughter’s marriage, Prem Singh join back duty and goes to meet Mushtaq only to find that a  barbed fence has been raised on the border. While he is about to hand Mushtaq back the gold, along with  a brick from his house as a reminder of his roots, the suspicious army officers from both sides,  thinking them as traitors, kill them.
‘Kandyali Taar’, came out as a moving comment that how 1947 not only divided the sub-continent but also  forced a partition among people who still share a common socio-cultural ethos. Today’s performance,  high on emotional quotient, was very liked by the audience, who enjoyed the song and dance sequences.
Javed Gill acted as Mushtaq and Dharambir Choudhary as Prem Singh. Other members of the cast included
Neeraj Sethi as Commanding Officer, Abdul Razaq Bhatti as Subedar, Som Nath Azad as Havaldar, Sakib  Sayal as Veer Singh, Sohan Verma as Pavitar Singh Katoch, Vaneeta Sharma as Mushtaq’s mother, Sunil Mehra as Mushtaq’s nephew, Jan Mohammad as Pahad Singh, Anuradha Bhagat as Deepi, Mohammad Shokat as  Pak Officer, Razab Ali & Sahid Sayal as Pakistani soldiers.
Tomorrow, Nav Durga Kala Manch will present Balraj Bakshi’s Vatan Fry.
The first day’s proceeding culminated with a poetic symposium.


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