Publishing the ‘selection list’

Can a long period of 12 years be considered inadequate for the concerned State authorities in making public the list of selected candidates for class 4 posts in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district? The long spell of wait and anxiety of those aspirants can well be gauged who had applied for these posts way back in the year 2006.
Running from pillar to post for a decade and a half by these “then young now turned less young” candidates has proved of no avail and their “Faryaad” is being heard by none in the State administration. However, scores of aspirants routinely visit the office of the Deputy Commissioner with a hope to see whether the list was out and whether they could find their names therein. It is not that they are not given “assurances” like the conventional and oft repeated “Hamdardana Gaur” which keeps them attached but now since the matter has been brought into the notice of the Governor, the aspirants’ hopes have started getting kindled and ignited.
The local administration , on the other hand, is alleged to have passed on the wrong information to the grievances cell in the Governor’s office like publishing of the list by July 15 and later by first week of August as excepting the wait, nothing is seen being done in the matter by the aggrieved ones.
We urge the local administration to take one firm stand, the transparent and the final one in the matter so that the long wait, which could be not called even inordinate, was over. Keeping things in the state of guesses and uncertainties, augurs absolutely not well for the administration.