PUBG Addiction

AadiL Hamid
PUBG is a term you must have probably heard by now. It is the abbreviated form of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Basically, it is a video game which is a multiplayer battle royale game. It is very famous all over the world. However, the entertainment factor does not mean it is all good. The game has become viral and is played by billions of people. The players have become addicted to this game. Moreover, it is hampering their quality of life.
Impact of PUBG Mobile Game Addiction
When the game got released for Windows, it received rave reviews. Further, upon being released on mobile phones, it caught like wildfire. The craze for this game spread amongst all the age groups.
What started as a recreation game has now turned into an addiction. It is severely impacting the lives of the players and also resulting in various crimes. For instance, a boy killed himself due to PUBG mobile game addiction.
The game interferes greatly with the studies of a person. The students who should be studying waste their time on this game. This results in neglecting studies and also in reduced levels of concentration.
It is so because this PUBG mobile game addiction slows down their brain activity. Their ability to grasp things and focus just lowers. Even research suggests that the academic performance of PUBG players is dropping massively.
Similarly, the people who are working are also addicted to this game. It hampers their work and makes them lose the target of their goals. They are busy playing PUBG instead of focusing on their careers. At times the players take leaves or skip meetings just to play this game endlessly. Due to this addiction, they also miss their deadlines and don’t fulfill their duties.
Furthermore, PUBG mobile game addiction ruins the relationships of people. It has even done so as there have been cases of breakups and divorces due to this game. People spend all their time on this time instead of with their families and friends. It strains their relationships and causes pain. Similarly, it has also resulted in many crimes of murder and suicides.
How to Control PUBG Mobile Game Addiction?
We all know that excess of anything is bad, be it a video game or anything. However, one must also know that we can control any addiction by proper measures. To begin with, try to lessen the time you spend on the game. Leaving it all of a sudden is impractical so set aside a fixed time and try to play it in that specific one.
Similarly, try to divert your mind. Do not always stay indoors. Go out and indulge in physical activities. When you will have other things to do, your mind won’t go towards the game. So, meet your friends and take up other hobbies.
Moreover, try to spend time with your family instead of scrolling through the phone or playing your game. When you will be surrounded by your loved ones, you will not care about anything else. So, utilize your time carefully instead of playing PUBG.Warning Signs of PUBG Addiction
Video game addiction is a real mental health condition recognized by the World Health Organization. They have a set of three criteria as warning signs:
Impaired control: Your gamer is unable to control or limit their gameplay.
Loss of interest in other activities: Your gamer’s life revolves around gaming instead of gaming revolving around their life.
Continuing to play despite negative impact: Gaming is causing significant harm to their school grades, employment, or relationships.
The 6 Effects of PUBG one could face if the person is really addicted to it are:
Less academic performance
In the last few years, various reports have been submitted on PUBG. Many schools and universities and even the government needed banning PUBG. PUBG really brings out the violence in one. Students are entirely focused on playing this game for several hours and altogether, not paying attention to their studies or any other important task for their well being. The kills and the blood in this game are negatively affecting the minds of children and young adults. Many parents and institutions have claimed that children and students tend to focus on the game instead of studies, and it is really affecting their future education.
Mental health issues
Mental Health Issues, Pubg
Playing PUBG for long hours can cause the chances of having severe obesity. And that will definitely lead a person to suffer from severe health issues. It will also weaken the muscles and joints in a person due to inactivity for some long hours and being in the same place with the same posture for a long time. This will definitely lead to incorrect posture affects permanently, and eyesight will severely get affected due to staring at the screen for long hours and playing it for a long time. Getting addicted to it and having an eagerness to play this game every time will give a severe headache, and researches have proven that it can trigger giving aggressive thoughts, will also affect emotions, and this can provide a long term effect on the brain.
Slowed brain activity
Slowed Brain Activity, Pubg (2)
Recently in Pune, a man suffered from brain stroke while playing PUBG and he died. Yes, a 24 years old man suffering from brain stroke while playing PUBG died in Pune. He died while undergoing the treatment, said Dehu Police station officially. The stroke has actually occurred because the victim was so excited and stressed while playing the game, and there was incredible bleeding within the brain tissues, is also called as necrosis. It was the cause of death.
Effects on sleep
Effects On Sleep, Pubg (1)
Addiction to this game can lead to sleep deprivation in some students and young people. People who really play for a long time may be at higher risks of sleep deprivation and disorders, including obesity and less metabolic health. Seriously, gaming before bed is entirely associated with poor sleep. You will never feel like sleeping because the game is not over yet and sitting for a long time looking at the screen will definitely make it hard to get sleep even if you decide to go to bed.
Losing personal relationships
Losing Personal Relationships, Pubg (1)
This video game addiction will definitely lead to poor relations between family and friends. Spending time online and not with people will definitely be a disappointment to the people around you. Giving so much attention to the game may cause you to lose relationships around you slowly.
No proper time for anything
One match of PUBG will definitely take up to 40 minutes or 1 hour. One is not going to stop with one match for a day. So playing four to five full matches, means you will be wasting 4 to 5 hours of the day, and there will be no proper time for anything. Really, You could use that time to do something productive.
So here are some tips for dealing with PUBG gaming addiction are:
Set up a time limit for Gameplay and follow it: This will really help to overcome gaming addiction and will definitely manage your gaming time.
Spend some time with family and friends and make sure you spend some time with nature too.
Keep your gaming consoles away from you at night so that you will not play before the bed.
Doing some activities instead of gaming: You can exercise to relax, and definitely, it will reduce the health risks.
Gaming online too much can really make you miss out of so many things in your life, and sometimes it can really mess up your metabolism. Remember, when losing a game, it’s just a game, not your life. Just don’t stress on it.
Gaming is not wrong,but the addiction is !.