Protest demonstrations, public meetings, seminars mark observance of 30th Holocaust Day

Kashmiri Pandit activists protesting in front of Raj Bhawan at Jammu on Sunday. —Excelsior/Rakesh
Kashmiri Pandit activists protesting in front of Raj Bhawan at Jammu on Sunday. —Excelsior/Rakesh

KPs for punishing forces responsible for genocide

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 19: Protest demonstrations, holding of public meetings and seminars besides wearing black badges and taking out of rallies marked the observance of 30th Holocaust Day by the displaced Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and other parts of the country today.
All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference (ASKPC) along with other socio-political organizations of the community held a massive demonstration outside Raj Bhawan. A large number of community members participated in the protest.
The protestors with placards and banners in their hands were shouting slogans against Jehadi terrorism and demanding setting up of Probe Commission and punishing the perpetrators of genocide.
Advocate Ravinder Raina, president ASKPC while addressing said that community has entered into 31st year of exile and living as refugees in their own country have been cheated by hollow promises of return & rehabilitation by all successive Governments. Government after taking into confidence the community leaders , should come out with a blue print for resettlement of community at One Place in Kashmir with political empowerment and economic rehabilitation.
Dr Tej Krishen Bhat general secretary ASKPC said that community has faced ethnic cleansing and genocide by Pan Islamic fundamentalists and a probe be ordered by SIT headed by Supreme Court or High court Judge to fix the responsibility and punish the culprits.
Dr R L Pandita president PNBMT and leaders of various organisations including Sundri Lal, M K yogi NCMC, T N Koul president, Ravinder Razdan, Kuldeep Raina, Desh Rattan, Ashok Kangan, Sharda Nandan Bhat, B L Bhat, M K Bambroo, P L Pandita, , Kuldeep Kashmiri, Sunil Pandita , Ashok Koul, Vijay Bhat, Ashok Dhar , Bharat Bushan Bhat Gosani, Tej Krishen Jagiaso, M K Jalali, Vinod Pandita, R K Wangnoo, Tej Pandita, Ravi Raina, Ram Krishen Bhat, Veena Koul, Priya Ji, Rubi Jee, Sunil Bhat, Ashok Dhar, J L Pandita, M K Jalali, Bimal Ji Wantoo, Chuni Lal Bhat and Satish Bhan participated in the protest.
The Protest was also held at Kashmiri Dharamshalla Haridwar by ASKPC led by Arjan Nath Bhat and Bimal Wantoo.
Latter on a Memorandum was submitted to Lieutenant Governor highlighting the various demands of the community and giving special thrust for return and rehabilitation in their homeland by fulfilling geopolitical aspiration of community.
Panun Kashmir (PK) commemorated Kashmiri Hindu Holocaust Day. The commemoration was attended by members of Kashmiri Hindu community from all walks of life and activists of P K at Roop Nagar, here. The event this year was held in the backdrop of many historical and epochal decisions taken by the Union Government with regard to the erstwhile State of J& K.
Dr Agnishekhar, convenor, P K while rekindling the pain of displacement said, “19th January -is enshrined in the collective and individual memory of each and every Kashmiri Hindu. This day marks the beginning of 7th exodus of our community and tells the tale of perpetual religious persecution and genocide.” “The resistance of Kashmiri Hindu community against Islamic Jihad is chronicled in history and speaks volumes about persecution and genocide suffered by the community”, he added.
Dr Ajay Chrungoo, chairman PK said, “Genocide of KPs didn’t start on 19 January 1990. This day marks a symbolic reference to a genocidal war unleashed on the Hindus of Kashmir for last 1000 years.” He said, “This day also marks the sacrifice of our revered Guru Teg Bahadur who sacrificed his life in the same Genocidal war which led to the displacement of entire community in 1990.” Terming Denial of genocide as a climax of genocide Dr Chrungoo said, “Terms like ‘migration’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ were consciously coined to ignore and deny genocide, and international experts have termed this apathy amounting to ‘double genocide’.”
Prof B L Zutshi, a prominent social activist while speaking on the occasion recounted the hardships faced by the community. “Our history takes us back to thousands of years and our contribution to the Indian civilization is immense,” adding, “Kashmir is the cradle of Indian civilization and Kashmiri Pandits have always fought and survived for Indian civilization.” He further added, “Homeland is the political empowerment of the community, and we look forward to this political empowerment.”
Adv Tito Ganju, a renowned legal expert and Hira Lal Bhat a prominent socio-political activist also spoke on the occasion. The entire commemoration program was coordinated by Bihari Lal Koul, secretary, P K. The highlight of the event was a poem recitation by Prof P N Shad on Holocaust of Kashmiri Hindus.
Panun Kashmir led by Ravinder Raina held a demonstration on the 30th Holocaust Day here, today.
The prominent PK leaders who attended the demonstration included Virender Raina its president, Upinder Kaul, general secretary , Kamal Bagati, general secretary(Org.), J. L. Koul, vice president, Ashok Chrungoo, treasurer, Sameer Bhat, convenor, PK Youth, B.L.Garyali, S K.Bhat, Vimla Chrungoo, Santosha Sharma, Kewal Krishan Koul, P.K.Bhan and Vikram Singh Langeh.
Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, a prominent KP leader and the BJP State spokesperson on Kashmir Affairs also joined the demonstration on the occasion. In his address, Chrungoo said that the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is the outcome of an intent of ethnic cleansing in the Kashmir Valley. The persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh is similar to the experiences of Hindu minorities of the valley, he added.
The ill effects of the partition of the country demonstrate the immature and coward political thinking of the then national political leadership and of the political parties connected with the decision, he said.
P K, led by Vijay Bhat, has reiterated its demand for a separate homeland for Kashmiri Pandits to preserve and protect its ethnicity, culture and traditions, as per Margdarshan Resolution of 1991.
Ravinder Jalali, its convenor said that 19th January is being observed as Holocaust Day every year by the community all over the world wherever Kashmiri Pandits reside as refugees.
BJP Kashmir Displaced district held an impressive programme today to commemorate Holocaust Day at Muthi Migrant Camp here which was attended by inmates of Muthi migrant camp and a large number of people from all walks of life and booth presidents of Durga Mandal and other booths and Mandals.
The speakers expressed their firm resolve and conviction for unity and highlighted in depth the plight of KPs in exile. They further appealed Government of India and Lt Governor J&K UT to resolve the basic issues of the community on humanitarian grounds.
Youth All India Kashmiri Samaj (YAIKS) also observed 30th Holocaust Day by wearing Black Pherans and taking out a silent march from its Headquarters Muthi to Janipur to show solidarity with community cause in general and exiled youth in particular.
Kashmiri Hindu Conference president Adv. M L Thusoo and its convener, P L Koul Badgami while addressing a programme in connection with Holocaust Day said the establishment of separate Homeland within Valley is the only solution to problems of exiled Pandits.
Holocaust Day was also observed by Helpline Humanity in collaboration with Global KP Diaspora at Jagti camp today.
Kashmiri Khatri Hindu Maha Sabha (KKHMS) activists under the leadership of Er Ramesh Chander participated in a protest at Raj Bhawan here, today to highlight the problems of exiled Hindus from Valley. The protestors demanded identification and punishment to persecutors of the Hindus in Valley. JTC and Soan Kashmir Front also observed the Holocaust Day at Jagti today under the leadership of Shadi Lal Pandita its president.
All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS) members met today at R K Puram to observe the day of the exodus of the community, in its 30th year of the exile. The members remembered the fateful days and nights which led to the exodus. The members lighted the candles to pay homage to the martyrs, whose lives were shortened by the zealots.
AIKS, while remembering the fateful day of 19th January 1990, expressed concern that the community was still awaiting justice. The perpetrators of exodus are still roaming free and the community demands that they were booked for the cr