Protect Mangrove Forest

Global warming has become a real threat for India and rest of the world over the years.Not only are we cutting down our trees ,we have also lost our mangroves. The mangroves forest which is not only beneficial to us but also plays a significant role among birds and marine life.It acts as a natural barrier to storms and cyclones by absorbing the shock of the tides ,reduces their intensity and help one to prevent erosion.The threat to mangroves also includes the release of heavy metal toxic substances and industrial waste .As we all know that water pollution is caused by the leakage and spills from the ships which are harmful for the mangrove forests also. The Govt needs to ensure that untreated waste is disposed of properly and there are no oil spills as these decrease the flow of fresh water .It is to learn that 35 percent of the mangrove forest has already been and is decreasing day by day. Mangrove forests require a stable sea level for long term survival. They are also sensitive to the current rising sea level caused by Global warming and climate change.Last but not the least we should be releasing Green House Gasses into the atmosphere that are responsible for causing Global warming. Also we should protect mangroves trees from being cutting by the people so that the mangroves ecosystem is preserved.
Mool Raj
Bhagota (Panjsoo)