Promotion of traditional cultural festivals

Close on the heels of notifying 72 tourist spots as tourist villages , the decision of the UT Government to promote various traditional and cultural festivals across Jammu and Kashmir on a large scale, otherwise carrying intrinsic importance and emotional attachment of the people of respective areas, is both for promoting tourism and generating activities related to giving a boost to economy on a micro scale.
The question is whether it all is possible without a lot of investments , professional dexterity and committed and consistent series of preserving and restoring mechanism . Many of such religious as also simultaneously historic as well and other exclusively historic monuments are exasperating for their ”survival ” and are struggling desperately for existence . Many are encroached upon too with impunity. However, since it is imperative to know about their exact number , the decision of the UT Government to go in for a ”heritage census” is not only an innovative , bold and much required decision but the same carries its own message, that too for the first time, that such a treasure cannot be allowed to slip into the oblivion of irretrievability. We welcome this decision as this census would solve more intricate issues but the same should not be left to the confines of mere rhetoric or short time or ad-hoc measures.
We eagerly are waiting the move of the Government to fructify into a serious Action Plan on consistent basis to save and preserve our religious and historic proud symbols as also keep our traditions and customs enlivened which the move of the Government should be aiming at, for next generations to carry forward the same proudly.