Promoting social harmony and harnessing capabilities

Jammu and Kashmir is known for traditional harmony, however eclipses of certain unknown reasons cast from across the border intermittently are incessantly been tried to be ”removed” but the most enviable thing is that despite such eclipses and opaque hurdles created by forces inimical to the peace and progress of Jammu and Kashmir, the traditional social harmony has remained unchanged especially when we talk of the Jammu division . The other most powerful strength possessed by this part of the country is capabilities to forget the past unfortunate happenings and meeting future challenges with fortitude and always turn out triumphant.
When a stimulus is there in respect of promoting and strengthening social harmony and harnessing capabilities, there is absolutely no doubt that Jammu and Kashmir can be taken to new heights. This is all what Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha is envisioning about this beautiful Union Territory. Economic development and growth are important rather cardinal for any country and states and UTs like India but other things are equally necessary like creating a better ”world” for everybody , ensuring equity, respect for others, equal opportunity, social harmony and tolerance and last but not least, the sustenance of environment . If concerns regarding the threat to environment are just taken lightly , our development or growth in the economic sense would be a disease in disguise difficult to cure in later in future.
The Lt .Governor rightly underlined changes taking place in Jammu and Kashmir which in fact are quite visible in villages, towns and the cities itself. A new type of confidence is growing in people and negativities are getting relegated to the background . We have not only heard about the days but even been told that except water , Jammu and Kashmir has been importing everything for even daily use of the people chiefly rice, wheat , vegetables not to speak of other items . Though most of the things we require, the UT is still dependent on other states but strident progress in our Agriculture , horticulture, sericulture even floriculture sectors has turned the tide though the fact is that more than 70 percent of the population is directly and indirectly dependent on agriculture. Despite that, either this sector is not tapped fully due to various reasons elaborating which can require more space here or the bitter fact is that there is less inclination and motivation towards making this vital sector as a means of not only just an avocation but a means of living and leading a comfortable life. The trend has to be reversed.
We know, it was on account of sufficient food stocks coupled with bumper growth in agriculture in the country that we could fight the odds during and after the COVID pandemic ”waves” and even helped many other countries to tide over their food crisis . We can manufacture anything in factories but never any food and while we could live without that “Anything”, undoubtedly never without food . An earthen plate, a silver plate or a golden jewels bedecked plate whatever , are absolutely immaterial and of no use when in hunger , some type of food is not in them . Hence, agriculture and farmers are most important with no parallels, for human sustenance and economic growth.
Needless to add but pertinent to mention, in the near future those who converted fertile agricultural land into non-agricultural uses including raising residential colonies shall only repent on their decision. Agriculture and allied activities with tremendous scope are continuing to be going to provide maximum job opportunities like no other sector as concept of conventional employment is undergoing fast changes world over . Lt. Governor, therefore, recently dwelt at length with issues concerning agriculture and , therefore, the issue of how the lives of farmers could be made better. Sericulture of Jammu and Kashmir is known for its texture, softness, elegance and sheen and the Union Government having realised its importance has laid stress on providing training, technology inputs , IT tools and other infrastructural support to sericulture for its notable transformation. More entrepreneurs , therefore, need to come forward to avail of these benefits and be instrumental in increasing the production of silk and improving its quality. Employment opportunities especially of self employed nature can thus amply get sprouted . Since the trees of Mulberry play most vital part in feeding silk worms/ cocoon growing and thus in silk production , areas could be expanded for vigorous plantation of such trees. Let silk of Jammu and Kashmir make its dent in the international market besides in domestic market.
Skills special to Jammu and Kashmir handed down or passed on from generation to generation except a few too, are getting threatened on account of less motivation of the younger generation to adopt them but with liberal Bank financing and with other incentives, things have started improving . Marketing of these arts and crafts is a problem which can be resolved by various measures like GI tagging etc . The hopes, rather the vision of the Lieutenant Governor, in consonance with what the Union Government desires about Jammu and Kashmir to touch “new heights”, can surely come true by strengthening harmony, promoting peace, shunning futile and negative thinking, accelerating developmental projects and concentrating on economic growth.