Promote Kishtwar tourism

Despite endowed with bewitching natural beauty by the nature, the authorities need to dwell upon the reasons as to why Kishtwar is one of the least places visited by tourists in Jammu and Kashmir State. Have the authorities in charge of promoting state tourism paid the requisite attention towards developing for tourist attraction, places like Nagseen, Sarthal, Paddar, Dachhan, Chowgan etc  as top sightseeing attractions? Replies to such queries, very often, are the same stereo typed “Funds crunch”. How can that basic impediment continue to bog down the resolve to infuse invigorating life into an area which nature has provided in abundance to this state and to provide infrastructural support, roads, accommodation, make shift markets, recreation, transport, publicity and the like are to be provided by the Government. This is precisely central to the poor performance in tapping numerous places, otherwise gifted with enchanting natural beauty.
It is reported that insufficient funds are provided, on yearly basis, for promotion of tourism in Kishtwar where otherwise large number of tourists would love to throng. With increase in money incomes commensurate with the country’s annual growth, people have developed a propensity to earmark a portion of earnings to be spent on visiting tourist spots. Why, in the present day competitive world, where commerce and trade rules the roost, our state should lag behind and not tap and exploit for promoting tourism, our proud places worth seeing?
Why should, in this connexion, no meeting of Governing Body of Kishtwar Development Authority be convened for the last two years? In other words, it is an acknowledgement of no concern for creation of infrastructural support as it is only in such meetings, major decisions are taken in this regard. As back as in the year 2005, Kishtwar Development Authority was created only in recognition of this area as a major tourist attraction and the jurisdiction of KDA was confined to just 10 kilometers circle area but its jurisdiction was widened and all the major parts of the District were brought under its purview. The idea, again, was to tap the area as a tourist attraction.
We acknowledge and appreciate as well, the role of the KDA as many steps were initiated for tourist development and certain infrastructure too was created but the paucity of funds very often makes a complete hogwash of claims about tourism being the backbone of the state economy and thus coming under the top most priorities of the State administration.
We, however, feel somewhat shrugged in writing about the allocation of annual funds to Kishtwar Development Authority (KDA) being just Rs.1.10 crore. One can judge the proverbial book by its cover in the instant case. However, a trivial sum of just Rs.50 lac is sought to be allotted as additional allocation, which can be termed as mere peanuts. How even the existing assets could be maintained with abysmally inadequate financial support, let alone adding new ones, is the moot question.
The concerned authorities in the Tourism Ministry and other associated Departments need to adopt a pragmatic approach towards developing Kishtwar as an attractive tourist spot. Let a breakthrough be attempted in this vital area which otherwise is laced with promises of giving a gradual boost to the economy as also create more employment opportunities.