Promising Power-lifter of Jammu

O P Sharma, Manoj Kumar
A promising lady power-lifter, Sapna Jain from Jammu-Kashmir Union Territory, has made a mark in the Asian power lifting championship at Almaty in Kazakhstan during December last year. She won gold medal in deadlift, silver in bench press and bronze in Squat and overall lifted 237.5 Kgs while playing in Master 1 category ( 40+ category)
In an exclusive interview , Sapna Jain recalled that she participated in the National Classic Powerlifting Championship under the Federation of Powerlifting India recently conducted in Idduki- Kerala during September 26-30, 2019 where she lifted a total of 220kgs weight and won medals as well as public appreciation.
Answering a question, she said ” powerlifting is a strength sport that consist of three attempts and maximal weight on three lifts: Squat , Bench Press and Deadlift. In the present times, local, national and international competitions take place across the world for this interesting.
Sapna Jain has established a new Asian record in 45 kg Masters and \junior National Powerlifting Championship at Jamshedpur. She has lifted a total of 215 kg weight in her category and won the gold medal, creating a new Asian as well as Asian record. She said ” I have a desire to attain new heights in this sport and inspire other women to its ambit”.
High Ambitions
Sapna is a home-maker of Jammu who has brought laurels to UT of Jammu and Kashmir, also done proud to her family. She gives due credit to her trainer and guru Rahul Dev Manhas and inspiration from her father-in-law Pawan Jain, a social activist; her husband Pankaj Jain, a businessman for solid support and encouragement from her two sons: Utsab and Maheep. She is regular in doing Yoga and aerobics as also other exercises along with constant practice of her choice power-lifting regularly.
Three times national gold medallist, Sapna has been trained by ace coach and physique trainer Rahul Dev Manhas Universe Physique Champion. She described them all as her pillars of strength since the beginning. She gives due credit for support to achieve her goals and build confidence.
She won her first gold in national in 2017 held in Jammu, second gold medal secured in Jamshedpur and third in 2019 Idduki in Kerala.
She recalled that braving various health issues like disc problem ,uterine issues ,cervical , sciatic nerves,she entered the powerlifting field only few years ago and moved forward making a mark and has never looked back. She has made a mark and desired that many more females should enter this challenging field.
Answering a question, she stated one need to take out time and be determined to work upon oneself to achieve new ground and establish record. She was hopeful that Jammu and Kashmir females will certainly come forward and as they have potential they can make a distinct mark and bring laurels. Always aim high and never give up till the last, she holds.
(Starline Syndicate Service)