Products that protect skin in summer

Shahnaz Husain
The products for skin care should be adjusted according to seasonal needs. Here are some of the products you should look for.
Sunscreen SPF 20
Apply a sunscreen lotion 20 minutes before going out in the sun. It acts as a protective barrier between the skin and the harmful effects of sun-exposure. Look for a  a non-greasy, sweat and water proof formulation, which is easily absorbed, leaving the skin with a sheer, matte (non-shiny) texture.
Skin Toner:
Skin toner is useful in summer to refresh the skin, remove sweat and oil, refines the pores and keep the skin healthy and glowing. Rose water may also be used. It is a natural coolant.  Keep it in the fridge to cool and refresh the skin.
Cleansing Milk or Lotion
Choose a light cleansing milk or lotion for the summer months. It is best to select one, which contains sandalwood and lemon. This would help to reduce surface grease and also protect the skin from heat rash and related problems. Sandalwood cools and protects the skin, while lemon is a powerful natural cleanser, which restores the natural acid-alkaline balance.
Or Face Wash
A soap-free face wash containing ingredients like neem, tulsi, lemon peel, aloe vera, help to restore the normal balances. At the same time, it protects the skin from eruptions and rash. Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer, while neem and tulsi have germicidal properties. Lemon helps to reduce oiliness and add a glow.
Face and Body Scrubs
A deep cleansing treatment benefits the skin during summer, especially if the skin is normal to oily. A scrub helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin cleaner, brighter and vibrant. An important benefit is that the cleansing of dead skin cells would help to improve the regeneration of new skin cells. The scrub should be rubbed gently on face, neck or any other part of the body and washed off with plain water. It can be used two or three times a week. While walnut cleanses and nourishes the skin, aloe vera is a powerful natural moisturizer. Lemon oil helps to cleanse the skin and keep it healthy.
Day Cream – A matte moisturizer, which is basically a non-oily day cream, is ideal for hot and humid weather. It moisturizes the skin and yet, prevents the oily look. It can also provide a pearly glow.
Sandalwood Protective Cream
The skin can be prone to rashes and eruptions during summer. This is a common problem with oily skins. In such cases, a non-oily cream containing sandalwood helps  to soothe and purify the skin. An ideal summer treatment would be to first cleanse the skin with rose-based skin tonic and then apply the cream. Wash it off with plain water after 20 minutes. This can be an ideal preparation for the skin before applying make-up and is particularly suited to normal to oily skins, as well as combination and sensitive skins.
Sandalwood Body Shampoo
Sandalwood is ideal for the summer because it helps to protect the skin from rashes and prickly heat. A body shampoo containing sandalwood will have a gentle action on the skin, leaving the body clean and fresh, without disturbing the normal balances. Sandalwood is also fragrant, so it would help to prevent body odour and leave the body perfumed.
Waterproof Mascara – Go for a roll on waterproof mascara for summer. You can even apply it when you go swimming.
Lip Gloss – Ideal for the cool look in summer. Lip gloss gives the lips a sheer, natural and dewy look. Look for lip gloss containing natural oils and extracts.
Deodorant – Choose a scent that is light and lemony for summer. Not too overpowering!