Productive Session

Refer news item ‘Most Productive Session since 1951, says Speaker’ DE Aug 7.
Lok Sabha Speaker on Birla is on the spot when said, while referring to 17th Lok Sabha, that ‘it was the most productive session since 1952.
It is after a long time that the country witnessed a fruitful session of Parliament in which much business was transacted without much ruckus and pandemonium. The people of the country were fed up the proceeding conducted in both the houses of Parliament. One witnessed legislators coming to blows, tearing papers and running well into the house to stall the proceeding.
No fruitful business was ever conducted. With the result, some important bills would get delayed, or were not allowed to pass by the members. The attitude of legislators in Parliament earned them brickbats from public.
The proceedings in the house was nothing but sheer wastage of money and time. It hurt the country much beyond redemption.
Navin Kumar
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu