Need for upgradation of Mantalai-Latti road

This has reference to the article’Tourist spots in Latti Dudu Region'(DE, July 28, 2019). There is no doubt that Latti Dudu region falling in Udhampur District is blessed with scenic and breathtaking beauty and has huge tourist potential.This region has vast green slopes, wonderful waterfalls, thick coniferous forests, salubrious climate-all that a tourist’s heart can desire.The enchanting beauty of Latti, Seoz Dhar, Dudu, Kirchi, Shivgali etc mesmeries the tourists and takes them to another world.But this region has always faced the apathy of the successive governments with the result that tourist footfall to this region has not been so much as it ought to have been.The major hurdle in attracting tourists to this tourist’s paradise is the poor condition of road which were blacktopped a long ago and which have now become a nightmare for the commuters, especially in the rainy season.There are a number of potholes on the road and in absence of proper drainage system, the condition of roads is worsening day by day.Though this region has huge potential of vegetables, flowers and fruits, lack of proper road connectivity doesnot allow people to sell their produce.The climatic conditions are favourable for apples, almonds, walnuts, pears, peach, cherry and vegetables such as knol kohl,beans, rajmash, potato, radish, tomatoes, etc.Agriculture is the main occupation of the local people and the backbone of economy. But there is no proper marketing facility for the agricultural produce and the poor condition of the roads makes it difficult to sell the local profuce in the market at Chenani or Udhampur.Moreover, a large number of people rear cattle, goats, sheep and poultry but can’t sell milk and its products and other things due to bad condition of roads and proper transport facilities.As such, the government ought to take immediate steps to improve the condition of roads including the vital road link connecting Mantalai with Latti, Dudu and Basantgarh so that the huge tourist potential of this beautiful region can be harnessed and the local economy improved.
Sansar Chand,
Village Kolakh, Tehsil Latti