Procuring Hydrogen fuel cell buses

Whatever is being done towards adopting environmental friendly approach is not only the need of the hour but steps taken in right direction so that the people, especially children, only after a few years may not find it difficult to move about without face masks. This time, we are using them to fight Corona virus which may hopefully not last for any more time but to get rid of the increasing pollution, we may be compelled to make masks and other aides as inalienable part of our living. It is quite encouraging that National Thermal Power Corporation has decided to procure 10 Hydrogen fuel cell based electric buses and an equal number of such cars to be used in Delhi and Leh. Popularising green energy is the only best solution to fight the menace of pollution on our roads.
The Corporation having invited Global Expression of Interest for procuring such vehicles would be a project which would be the first of its kind in the country. Indian Railways is already on the threshold of making our trains in the country run exclusively by electricity which would not only save our crude oil import bill to a large extent but make the environment cleaner and go in for decarbonising . Future is only secure if green and solar energy were extensively used . Ministry of New and Renewable Energy must go in after building up of the requisite infrastructure for such projects to succeed and get popularised in the country. A good move indeed.