Problems faced by Hot Mix Plant Owners

Owners of Hot Mix Plants in Jammu and Kashmir have raised certain demands having a direct bearing on their working and have appealed to the Government to be facilitator like, realistic and responsive to the difficulties faced by them in respect of the new order about construction material as a result of which they do not get the required material at all. Whatever hurdles, as alleged by the President of their Association, in the way of execution of their works faced by them, need to be genuinely removed.
On the one hand, there is uncontrolled loot of the river mineral wealth by unscrupulous people and mafia, on the other hand stone quarrying from populated and residential areas troubling the people around and other reasons being behind the Government coming out with certain regulations, were necessarily going to have some minor short term difficulties in matters of availability of the requisite material but the Government needs to look into what best could be done to resolve the issues raised by the owners of Hot Mix Plants. Availability of the material like sand, bajri, stones and at reasonable prices should be the points needed to be attended to by the Government. The other problem, that of payment of their pending bills from the Government too need to be expedited, on merits.