Celebrations at CRPF commando’s house

Son of the soil and a courageous CoBRA commando of the CRPF, constable Rakeshwar Singh Manhas was released by Naxal insurgents from their captivity. The happy news has not only given a respite and relief to the countrymen who otherwise are indignantly shocked at the martyrdom of our 22 brave hearts on account of three pronged treacherous attack in ambush on a patrol party of the CRPF by Naxals at Tekalgura – Junagadha village in Chattisgarh but has provided a tremendous reason of joy and relief to his family members amidst an element of uncertainty and even fears in respect of the safety of Rakeshwar Singh. In the attack by the heavily armed Naxals, thirty jawans too had been injured besides in search operations, Rakeshwar Singh was found missing. For the release of the constable, the insurgents had laid the condition of a mediator by the Government which was done hence the release without any delay. Safe release of the constable, therefore, has turned the otherwise gloomy and apprehensive family members into a sort of festivities and celebrating the event. Not only the family members, relatives of the family and neighbours were seen rejoicing but for that matter, everyone would go in for jubilation for getting our jawan back, safe and unharmed.
The family members who not only were increasingly worried and even had protested for his early release, perhaps nursing the notion that the Government was not doing more for his release, however, have thanked the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the media. The issue is not what strategy was employed by the Government in pressing for the release of the jawan but the ultimate results bearing fruits in getting our brave heart released from the ruthless and heavily motivated Naxals so as to join his anguished and worrying family members, is all important and a matter of great relief and satisfaction. We also note that the Union Home Minister enquired of the released jawan about his welfare especially on account of his six days captivity and talked personally to him too.
It would be no exaggeration to say that the release of our jawan from the treacherously cold blooded and stone hearted Naxals was no easy and smooth job as these ultras, who do not hesitate to kill their own country’s security persons for no reason or for any cause which they and their some over ground supporters especially from the intelligentsia may hard try to justify, have all along proved elusive in their aim, intent and purpose, thus continuing with their insurgency though having been largely contained over the years. They, on the one hand feign to complain of social injustice and inequality but on the other, are creating every type of impediments in the process of development and opening of schools, hospitals, constructing railway stations, building roads and electrifying villages as all these developmental measures are antidote to their falsehood and the cause of being trigger happy. It is not that good sense is not prevailing in most of them as they keep on surrendering and joining the mainstream intermittently while most of them are getting killed in encounters but fresh recruitments and getting lethal and sophisticated arms are keeping them still very organised in deep jungles, far off villages, ravines and the like.
No sympathy for or any type of negotiations with them can be there as their demands, if any, are neither political nor economic and not even social but they tame and feed a frenzy and a commitment towards hard core extreme communist ideology coupled with Maoist fascism and, therefore, not in the well established and adopted democratic system of the country where people choose their own Government and decide how to run affairs and develop areas even at and from gross root levels. More concerted efforts, as the Home Minister has given indications, were bound to give good results in fighting them to surrender and live a normal life or get liquidated in encounters so that this menace is got rid of sooner the better.