Probe demanded into textbook depicting Mahatma in poor light

NEW DELHI, Dec 6: A probe should be launched into a textbook in Madhya Pradesh depicting Mahatma Gandhi in poor light, an Aam Aadmi Party MP demanded in Rajya Sabha on Friday.
Raising the issue through a Zero Hour mention, Sanjay Singh of the AAP said depicting Gandhi as a “drunkard and wicked man” was shameful and action should be immediately taken on it.
He said the module book for school students was widely circulated in the state where Gandhi was compared to a ‘Kubuddhi’ (malevolent).
At a time when the nation is celebrating Father of the Nation’s 150th birth anniversary, there are instances of misleading propaganda being done against him, he said, citing his picture appearing on a liquor bottle in Israel and his killers being glorified.
“There should an investigation into the text book issue and immediate action be taken,” he demanded.
In his Zero Hour mention, BJD’s Sasmit Patra said India suffered an economic loss of USD 79.5 billion in climate related disasters in 20 years.
Four states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are particularly prone to cyclones, he said, adding special focus was required for states which face such national calamities.
He demanded states hit by natural calamities be declared ‘Special Focus States’ and be given benefits equivalent to Special Category States.
For schemes and projects in Special Category States, Central government gives 90 per cent of the funds and the state government contributes the remaining 10 per cent only.
Patra wanted the same 90:10 sharing formula for natural calamity hit Special Focus States.
Kahkashan Perween of the JD-U wanted the government to declare one day or a week in the year dedicated to women’s safety.
She said Teachers Day, Fathers Day, Engineers Day, Mothers Day and Yoga Day are celebrated and there was a need for a ‘Nari Suraksha Diwas’ (Women Safety Day) to create awareness of women’s safety as well as create fear in the hearts of those exploiting women.
Madhusudan Mistry of the Congress demanded immediate release of MP LAD funds of one-third of Rajya Sabha members who are due to retire in next four months.
MPLADs funds are generally released only after receiving a completion certificate from authorities but this generally takes a lot of time, he said, adding he had identified work in Gujarat for utilising his MPLADs fund but no money has been released as yet.
He wanted all of the Rs 5 crore of MPLAD fund to be released immediately.
Satyanarayan Jatiya (BJP) demanded labourers in organised sector engaged in hazardous professions such as cleaning sewers, be given compensation and employee benefits equal to regular workers.
P L Punia of the Congress raised the issue of growing number of child labourers engaged in factories and households work and asked the government to formulate an elaborate scheme for rehabilitation and education of such children.
Hussain Dalwai (Cong) raised the issue of crop damage in Maharashtra and asked the Centre to provide assistance to the state government for providing relief to farmers and fishermen.
Nadimul Haque (AITC) opposed the proposed privatisation of Air India and said the government should stop this move. He expressed concern that less profitable routes might be discontinued.
K J Alphons (BJP) said there is a need for radical reform in education system, which currently focuses only on getting better marks in the examination.
Adhir Ranjan Biswas (AITC) raised the issue of bad financial condition of Railways and said there is a need for reform in freight system to earn higher revenue.
G C Chandrasekhar (INC) demanded that there should be 25 per cent reservation for local students in national educational institutes in any States to provide equal opportunity to all citizens.
In his special mention, Rajeev Gowda (Cong) said there is a need to redesign PM-KISAN scheme to boost farmers and rural income. He demanded that the amount of Rs 6000 annually offered in this scheme should be enhanced upward and tenant farmers should be included.
Sonal Mansingh (Nominated) said the government should incorporate cultural heritage in the proposed new education policy.
Vijay Goel of the BJP raised the issue of rising incidents of suicide on Delhi metro rail. He demanded that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) should install barricades to stop these incidents.
Goel said 46 suicides have been reported between 2015 and 2018. (PTI)