President’s message


President Ram Nath Kovind, who is currently on a four day visit to the Union Territory, is desirous to see the valley of Kashmir as a paradise on earth which it definitely is but the spate of violence over the last three decades has made it turn otherwise. Reasons of and behind violence is well known to all in the country and in other countries. The President saying that violence has never been part of “Kashmiryat” was to be seen in the context of the ongoing acts of terror violence, what he termed as “temporary one ” like virus. Hastening to add, that the virus was attacking the body and needed to be “purged” he declared that there was a new beginning and determined efforts to regain this land’s lost glory. The President termed as unfortunate that the outstanding tradition of Kashmir of peaceful co-existence was broken and ”violence became the daily reality” while on the other hand, he admitted that Kashmir’s spiritual and cultural influence “has an imprint all across India”. There could be political differences but democracy having that strength to have those reconciled and resolved, the President told that he believed in such strength of the Indian democracy. He saw new hope, aspirations and a zeal to touch new heights in variety of sectors by the Kashmiri youth, the ”whole of India is watching you with admiration and pride.”