Preservation of Dogra Art Museum

This has reference to the editorial’Exasperating Dogra Art Museum’ ( DE, Sep 01, 2019).It is sad that the Dogra Art Museum which has been chosen to preserve the rare and almost neglected art Pahari Miniature paintings from Basohli among other symbols of Dogra pride and culture is crying for protection and restoration to its original glory and sheen.As civilised and responsible citizens, It is our first and foremost duty to preserve our innate arts, crafts, literature, traditions culture and other symbols of our rich heritage etc which our ancestors have handed over to us. But it is really sad that the Dogra Art Museum, which houses over eight thousand artefacts dating back to the 16th century and thereafter, is lying in a neglected state and many of these artefacts and other valuable pieces of art and craft have unfortunately suffered much damage due to vagaries of weather and seepage of water into its building.The Pink Hall of the building which contains priceless monuments, stone inscriptions, textiles, armoury, numismatics, oil paintings, jewellery, portraits etc too has not received adequate and focussed attention of the successive governments that ruled our state.As such, it too needs to be protected and preserved for housing the vast treasure of the Dogra heritage.There is no doubt that if Dogra Art Museum is renovated and maintained properly and prominently put on the tourist map, it could attract a large number of visitors and tourists.Students at school , college and university level can be taken to the Museum to have on the spot study of our Dogra culture and heritage and thus, develop in them love and pride for our culture.If various items of Dogra culture are properly maintained and displayed, it could prove to be a source of revenue which can be used for its upkeep and maintenance.What is required is the attention of the Government and the concerned authorities to realise the importance of preserving this historical building and take immediate measures to protect and preserve this symbol of Dogra pride.
Ashok Sharma,