Pragmatic approach

This refers to the article, ‘Pragmatism in India’s outreach engagement ” DE.14 June,2019.
The author has explained the pragmatic approach of newly elected govt in a very articulated and transparent manner.No doubt at present the approach of Modi 2.0 tenure is very pragmatic and professional in behaviour. It is indicated from the newly framed cabinet structure.
In his previous tenure the status of foreign affairs was given to Sushma Swaraj a stalwart and an eminent political figure. But this time a bureaucratic personality was selected for this job to fulfill the professional needs of the job. Mr. Jai Shankar from a bureaucratic background is the genuine choice to give a pragmatic approach to the aspirations of New india.
This time Modi is well aware about the fact that people will not tolerate any loophole and weak decisive strategy.
Only hollow assurances and political gimmick doesn’t satisfy the ambition of people.
There is need of a strong and decisive steps to uplift the trembling economy. Such a decision will indicate a proactive role of Modi govt in Indian ocean region.@shyam sudan sunderbani.
Shyam Sudan