Act toughest with drugs and carriers of drugs

Should any opportunity be lost in acting toughest with those who traded in poison called as drugs and Narcotic Substances, whether possessing, manufacturing, transporting, despatching, hoarding, distributing and selling as hundreds of families are getting silently devastated and destroyed by this scourge which once entering anyone’s body becomes a near irreversible addiction and the matter ends there?
We appreciate the Advisor to the Governor asking the investigating officers to gird up their loins in tackling with the offenders and getting fully acquainted with the provisions of the deterrent legislation on tackling the menace in the shape of the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. That could help in achieving high conviction rate in crimes related to Drugs.
Narcotics Control Bureau could take a lead in this by conducting more of crash training courses and even awarding grading to participants from the Police and other concerned agencies commensurate with acquiring the levels of understanding and going deep into the entire gamut of these provisions which could add to their annual performance achievement report card.
There could be other motivational and training modules with intent to record and ensure scientific and fool proof but prompt investigations and prosecution of those involved in the trade of poison , yes -the lethal poison of drugs and narcotics.