PPMAI urges Govt to ban non-standard stainless steel for consumer ware

NEW DELHI, Dec 4: Capital goods industry body PPMAI has urged the government to ban all non-standard stainless steel being used for consumer ware in the country.
“PPMAI has requested the steel ministry to modify the stainless steel products quality control order to stop influx of seconds, and defective and non-standard products in all grades of stainless steel from foreign and domestic sources,” PPMAI Chairman Yatinder Pal Singh Suri said Tuesday.
These products are mostly being used for consumer utensils and low end industrial application, he said.
“It accounts for more than 60 per cent of the Indian market and surprisingly is not included in the quality control order,” Suri said.
The non-standard grades of stainless steel are currently being used for consumer ware, including utensils in the country, he said.
Such grades are also used by small fabricators for critical smaller equipment in industrial applications which can lead to failures, accidents and fatalities.
Stainless steel is the top choice for cookware for its versatility, durability and safety.
Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI) represents a pool of talent in engineering and management skills, having proven track record in basic design, multidisciplinary detailed engineering and manufacturing of plant and equipment. (PTI)