Power situation in Jammu

It is a matter of great concern that power situation in Jammu is worsening day by day. People are subjected to scheduled and unscheduled power cuts of short duration day in and day out. These cuts have made the life of people quite miserable particularly during these hot and humid days.
Most sufferers are children, patients and old aged persons. Student community is no less effected. The life has gone hayware in almost every house.
The previous BJP-PDP coalition Government had promised that there will be substantial improvement in electricity. Instead of improvement we see erratic supply. It is quite disgusting to note that the Power Development Department has started laying new wires in this humid season. One wonders why that did not undertake this massive exercise during February or March months when temperature remains low.
Besides, no reforms have been initiated to check power pilferage. Even now people are provided illegal power connections to people.
Unless drastic steps are taken by the Government, consumers will continue to suffer.
Veer Singh