Power infrastructure collapses in Bari Brahmana complex: BBIA

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 24: Bari Brahmana Industries Association has alleged that power supply infrastructure has virtually collapsed in  Bari Brahmana industrial complex.
An emergency meeting of the members of the Bari Brahmana Industries Association was held today under the chairmanship of  Lalit Mahajan, president BBIA in presence of  senior members Suresh Mahajan, Varun Singla, Ajay Langer, Vivek Singhal, Viraaj Malhotra and others in which the members raised serious concern in respect of worst ever power supply scenario since last few months resulting huge production as well as financial losses to the working industrial units.
They said the power supply depends on the mercy of the Power Development Department who have always resorted to ‘switch off  the power supply’ without any intimation to the industrial units from the 50x2MV Grid Station, BB-1 & BB-II Receiving Station on the pretext of lame excuses.  The worst sufferers units are those who are engaged in the manufacturing of Steel, Plastics, Chemicals and other products as it takes long time to restart the production after removing the waste materials from the equipments which is a total loss to the industrial units.
Power supply infrastructure within the Bari Brahmana industrial complex is being maintained by M&RE Division to look after the eleven feeders of 11 KVA & three 33 KVA lines  with very limited provision of gang switches on the 11KV/33KV feeders in the industrial complex resulting considerable delay in the restoration of power in case of any earth fault or CT/PT due to lengthy feeders and it is the need of hour to install the gang switch of heavy duty to be installed at the suitable locations to minimize the delay in the restoration of power.
In spite of repeated requests and reminders to the chief engineers, M&RE since last one year, no action has been taken by the department for the fixing of gang switches at the requisite locations resulting considerable delay in the restoration of power due to which the industrial units are suffering production losses as well as   Power Development Department is also loosing revenue due to non supply of power.
They said PDD is collecting nearly Rs150 crore  per annum from the Bari Brahmana industrial complex for the supply of power and if they spent 1% for the repair and maintenance of Infrastructure, the same can be easily recovered supplying the power on regular basis. They sought intervention of PDD Minister (DyCM)  Dr Nirmal Singh.