Power curtailment schedule


Notwithstanding the fact that the dream of having uninterrupted and regular power supply in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir still remains to come true, be it blistering summer or chilling winter , the scenario of power cuts mostly unscheduled, are a regular feature. Though there are various reasons for that , however, the power cuts usually have become rampant in both the capital cities . Srinagar and adjoining areas, however, are experiencing such cuts entirely as per the whims and “convenience” of the Power Development Department (PDD). Even from other districts in Kashmir valley, people complain of undeclared and unscheduled power cuts in metered and nonmeteredzones resulting in hardships to the residents. The residents have fears on the ground that when such was the power supply position at the start of the winter season, what scenario was in store for them when the season would be at its peak in harshness. However, the clarifications from the PDD are that after two to three such temporary power cuts, there would be nothing of the sort as the department was ”strengthening transmission lines and grid stations”. The assurances that there would be no “such power cuts” thereafter, must be ensured to be honoure